Why is GJA’s Mafia pretending not to notice Manasseh Azure Awuni?

For whatever reasons, seems the Ghana Journalists Association doesn’t want to award my friend Manasseh Azure Awuni as the Journalist of the Year in spite of his benchmark stories on the rot at GYEEDA and SADA. I cannot understand why. I cannot understand any news stories that had such national impact and exposed the complete abuse of state resources and incompetence like these two stories did.

Could it be that he has won the awards a few times so our good old GJA wants others to win it? Absolute balderdash. When Messi was the best player in the world 4 consecutive times, he was so rewarded because he was the best. The award is not some sort of drink in a calabash that you must let everyone take a sip out of.

Could it be that a top NDC communication chap on the awards committee isn’t happy with the prospects of rewarding a man who exposed his party people and their corrupt deeds? Again absolute nonsense. Should we all turn a blind eye and deaf ears to the rot that some people have sworn to perpetuate against our nation?

Could it be that the GJA leadership may feel uncomfortable with reading the citation of Manasseh when the President is seated as a special guest? Again absolutely childish thinking. The state ought to reward and award the youngman for saving her millions and for making the work of the Attorney General a tud easier.

We all saw and read and heard about Manasseh’s revealing stories. They saved Ghana money, they exposed corruption, the revealed how a few bad nen wanted to take what didn’t belong to them or didn’t work for. The GJA has suffered some reputation and image and relevance issues over the past few months and I dare say it will get worse if they fail to do the obvious. 

Oh yea there are hundreds of journalists doing great stuff but I guess when it comes to awards, we look at the best. I am opened to the debate on any other journalist whose work has come close to Manasseh.

If on Saturday August 30 the GJA changes its mind, I will duly apologise though from what I hear, their mafia are in control.

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