Oh ‘using’ is the local parlance for skin bleaching; what the elite in our society call ‘toning’. They pretty much mean the same thing, i.e. the process of using creams and other chemicals to change ones skin from being a beautiful dark African to a terrible looking wannabe white woman.

When I was growing up I used to see lots of women with green and red batches on their skin. That was when I heard ‘using’. As I grew up, I heard it was ‘skin bleaching’. After getting educated a bit I also came across the expression ‘skin toning’. They all mean the same thing; an attempt to make one look whiter than God made them.

I used to think it was the illiterate who invested in ‘using’. But hey Michael Jackson was born black but died white. Some of our ‘celebrities’ too have taken ‘using’ personal. Really personal. I saw Yvonne Nelson in an anniversary promo for Metro TV. Her face looked whiter than her neck. I thought the face, which faces the sun more, would be darker than her neck. Or?

Then there are the others who are naturally fair skinned but want to upgrade to whatever level only they know best. Is not Van Vicker and Majid Michel and Juliet ibrahim’s fault that they have parents or grannies who were white or had white genes. So is it by force to make your skin white when you are not?

On the personal level I don’t look at a person’s skin colour or tonation to like them. So I like Majid and I like Pusher, I like Joselyn Dumas (she is pretty and sexy) and I like Mercy Johnson for obvious reasons.

Oh there are some men of god who ‘use’ too. But who am I to mention names, less I be bound in some name and cursed with the blood of animals. But we know them, and we see them.

Then there are the musicians like Nana Acheampong and others whose names I can’t remember. I wish I knew why these folks use. But I am free to hazard a guess that it may be caused by that sick perception that being fair skinned is superior and good for the industry. Such nonsense.

I think it is somewhat illiterate people who lack adequate self confidence and self-belief who invest in skin toning, AKA skin bleaching, SKA ‘using’.

Next time you meet a ‘user’ ask him or her…’so why is a fine girl\guy like you spoiling your skin?’. When you say it, add a sarcastic snare to your face so they feel ‘less’.


Me and my big mouth.

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