“Dr Asamoah said the first priority of any government worth its salt was to reduce economic hardship and to make life a little meaningful for its citizens but the NPP Government was rather doing the opposite”. Dr. Yao Obed Asamoah ( NDC Chairman, February 23, 2005)

This was just over a month after Kufuor had been sworn in for his 2nd term. You see how these politicians always take as for fools? There’s absolutely no difference between NPP and NDC. Why can’t they think of the nation of Ghana and face hurdles head-on rather than always seeking to gain political points? I want to believe that we as a people have simply provided the fodder that these nation-wrecking bunch of saboteurs clad in the otherwise dignified cloak of ‘service to the nation’ ruin our lives and enhance only theirs. Clearly IF there are indeed subsidies government can only absolve just as much. But then based on who is in power they merely change scripts. After Nkrumah’s death we have been sadly presented with visionless folks who do not give a hoot about our lives, our welfare and all that. It is about time we realized that NPP and NDC are only different in names.

All the rubbish about being liberal, social, centre, middle and all that is what it is, rubbish. Their tunes change depending on whether or not they are in office. In opposition, our politicians always have the almighty formula for reducing fuel prices. But put them in power and they do what they fought against while in the wilderness of opposition: Suffocate the comatose poor like me with killer fuel price hikes!

We have been fooled enough!

We are presently confronted with immense challenges. But sadly some of our people have been so indoctrinated that they refuse to see these challenges and will still go on to justify some of the nonsense officialdom throw at us. For instance, whiles most of Ghana is in darkness and have no water, we think it is an opportune time to build a statue to honour Nkrumah. Don’t get me wrong. I love Nkrumah. He is the one and only selfless leader we have had. In fact, I also think there has been no single Ghanaian better honoured in and outside Ghana than Nkrumah. My point is that the timing of the statue is wrong and brings into question the priorities of our government.

I am hoping that President Mahama is able to kick into motion a pragmatic plan of sorts to help solve our basic problems. I do not blame him for the water situation nor energy crisis (I hear someone says it is not a crisis yet?) nor the increases in fuel prices and all. Whoever won December 2012 would have faced these challenges because they were time bombs waiting to explode. Truth be told, after Nkrumah I can’t remember anything any of our leaders have done to solve our problems at their current times nor for the future. Akosombo is still our main source of power. Even Bui was started by him and Kufuor and Mills could not combine their Presidencies to complete it. I pray Mahama does. If he does not, I won’t be surprised.

Cost of living have gone up but don’t forget your MPs and Ministers and ruling party can’t feel the pinch. It is either that common sense is lacking among our leaders or they are simply greedy and wicked. Otherwise why will they have salary increases backdated whiles they get huge sums of monies as pay and rent allowance when you and I break our backs to pay taxes to finance their filthy luxury?

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