Understanding the President

I have listened to both tapes. The shamefully doctored one, and the original one.

First of all, I think some mischievous people are twisting what the President said. The reference to the hen and the hawk clearly refers to an NDC vs NPP situation and not a generalised Kumasi people scenario.

Let’s stop degenerating this into this tribal nonsense. JM didn’t say Kumasi people are ungrateful. At best, he said the NPP will not appreciate whatever the NDC does.

Having said that, I must add that I am not happy with the situation where the President and his ministers seem to be in a perpetual campaign mode all year round. After an election and a swearing in the candidate who won becomes the President of the Republic, but not for his party. There is no need holding political rallies whiles on working visits. That is wrong and should not be condoned. On those visits it is state resources that he uses for transport, accommodation, security, entertainment and what have you. NOT party money.

As I have said I think the President was speaking to his party people and forgot momentarily that he was President and that the next election was 2 years away. I also think the President should have considered his environment and watched what to say. It is very easy to misinterpret what he said to mean an insult to Ashantis living in Kumasi but that is if you want to be mischievous. I honestly doubt that the President will say and mean such rubbish.

The President is usually touted as been a communication expert and all but I think some real communication expertise ought to be brought into what emanates from him and his office. Ideally whatever public comment the President makes or plans to make should be discussed and the best way of communicating it should be analysed. Saying what he said and the way he said it and with a sound track like Lumba’s joint giving an even more controversial sound effect was not ideal.

Much as I allude to the above, I think that too much political capital is being milked out of this and my fear is that we are playing too much with tribal sentiments on this one. Please whatever we do let’s try and stay away from using tribalism to score political points. That should not be entertained.

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