We are a joke! When can we EVER have a serious debate in our Parliament where logic and the good of the state and its peoples would prevail rather than this disgraceful party posturing? If roles were reversed we still would have had today’s outcome! Shameful bunch and they will be earning GHC7,200 a month for what!

Like most Ghanaians who will want to be objective without looking at that MP or relation who doles out monies to them, I am livid at the extremely polarized legislature we have and the fact that they cannot truthfully debate on any issue with Ghana at heart. It always has to be some silly party stance which I can bet a good number of them do not understand what they vote for. A bit like the signboard writers who will repeat everything you write for them onto the board regardless if they are mistakes strewn all over it. You can bet your life on the fact that if an issue is discussed in the House today and you have the NPP against it and NDC for it, they will merely change positions if the status quo as regards political power is reversed. That is just how much of our intelligence these dishonorable men continually insult.

And to cap it up, we are giving them a pay rise!


I got into a banter with some folks on Facebook over why I have issues with paying MPs GHC7,200, AKA 72 million cedis. Nobody has said they do nothing or they don’t deserve a pay rise! Absolutely not! In fact we all deserve some pay rise of sorts, don’t we? Let me lift what Franklin Cudjoe said on Facebook to buttress my point:

7200 GHc per month for an MP? This MONTHLY salary is nearly 5 times the ANNUAL per capita income in Ghana. It is also 6 times the ANNUAL average or median income in Ghana (Ghana Living Standards Survey 5). Compare that to the UK where the average monthly salary is 5500 pounds sterling, or about $8300 a month which is LESS than one-fourth of the annual per capita income in the UK. So comparatively, in accordance with the strength of their economies, Ghanaian MPs are paid 20 times better than their UK compatriots. If MPs believe they must be paid **72 times what the average Ghanaian earn** before they can be reasonably comfortable then clearly as one part of the government in this country they are admitting that the living conditions of people are indeed appalling!!!! And they shouldn’t tell us it is because they finance their own offices because we haven’t seen any research they have been producing for policies in this country – we don’t have a tradition of private member bills, and MPs never produce research on policy. As for constituents coming to them for money, that is part of the campaign strategies they have adopted in this country. That is why they all have fund-raising teams for their politics; it is only a very naive person who will believe that they use their own income for that. Did they use their salaries to campaign when they were aspiring to be elected? IMANI’s view is that MPs should be paid wages commensurate with senior professionals in the public service, which should in turn be tied to the national median income. 15 times the national median income may be acceptable, but 72 times?

I think that if anyone wants to enter Parliament because the pay there is awesome, then that person (I can’t use the original word I had intended to use) should not be voted in because he does not know what it means to serve. If Nkrumah had looked at a pay-check he and all those he worked with wouldn’t have brought us our Ghana! He would not have brought us our precious Akosombo Dam which is still our main source of power even though there have been 50 years since the time with lots of other people calling themselves leaders and MPs; or we would not have had a 50 year motorway which took 50 years to get extended and e cannot even maintain properly.

GHC 7,200 monthly salary, car loans they rarely pay back, house loans they rarely service (I stand to be corrected), GHC80, 000 plus as ESB after only 4 years and what do we get? A self-centered bunch who will agree on only the things that benefit them collectively without giving a hoot about those that matter to all of us. Of course they should be paid. But they should be paid in commensuration with what the average pay of the Ghanaian civil servant is. 72 Million old cedis per head for people whose transportation and housing is taken cared-of by the state and you say what!

That crap about democracy been expensive should be shushed. Fact that it is expensive does not mean that we don’t apply common sense in implementing it. Does education being better than ignorance mean that a parent sells off ALL the family’s belongings so he carries ONE KID to an Ivy League institution when he can get educated for a fraction of the cost back home?

Yes pay them. But with GHC7, 200? No!



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