This nonsense is not cool

My friend Manasseh Awuni, the GJA Journalist of the Year, is on a campaign I absolutely side with. We all suspected from the inception of the NYEP in the Kufuor government through the various name and uniform changes in the Mills’ administration, to the name change from National Youth Employment Program to Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Agency that the scheme had serious issues. Some of us called them ‘teething problems’. Others also said it was a fertile ground for breeding corruption, nepotism and all the negative things one can think of. A few years down the line, our fears seem to have been confirmed.

See, I have no problem with any government giving contracts to people that it knows or has some relations with as long as the company has what it takes to deliver, the company is Ghanaian. Roland Agambire is a Ghanaian businessman and he has seen business opportunities and he is taking advantage of them. My problem however arises when we give to one man, a cake big enough to be shared among 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 10 people. Yes, we all heard of Mr. Agambire’s alleged contribution to the campaign of the NDC in 2012 (and some even say of the NPP too; smart man!), but should that result in a a heep of contracts that end up not been executed?

Mannaseh Awuni posted this on Facebook last Wednesday:

Your name is Asongtaba. You’re buying guinea fowl eggs to train Youth in Guinea Fowl Rearing under GYEEDA. You say the unit cost of an egg is GH¢2.50. You’re buying 10,000 eggs and your total cost is GH¢25,000. But I’m from Bongo. And I know that you can get a guinea fowl egg at 40 pesewas or at most 50 pesewas, and not GH¢2.50. Unless yours is a golden egg, you will not be fair to the Ghanaian tax payer, whose money is being used to fund the programme.

As my profession demands, I put it to you: your eggs are too expensive. And you say that your unit cost includes the cost of collecting, hatching and caring for the egg, even after it is hatched until it reaches a certain stage in life. But your budget is quite elaborate and has feeding, vaccination and others clearly spelt out. Why do you have to put the cost of incubators in the unit cost of an egg?But the listener is the judge. Over to you, dear friends. After all, it is your money, our money.

The Akonfem has suddenly become the golden goose which is making a few people rich to the detriment of the majority of us. If any company has been given any contract from the state and they are failing to execute as planned, our authorities (whom we pay, house, and take care of all their utilities for some supposed service to us), should be bold enough to take action.
I can imagine that being President would not be easy. I have been School Prefect a few times and an SRC Vice President in secondary school and even there, it was not easy job so I can imagine what JM goes through. But that is why he has Ministers and Directors and a huge machinery mandated to monitor what our monies go in to. Who has gone to sleep over Akonfem? Who allowed Zoomlion to have that deal that makes them pay the hardworking men and women working for them with peanuts that won’t last a day in the pockets of many? These are issues I won’t bother the President with. But they are issues I expect the President to whip the asses of the men and women he has appointed to work for him.

This nonsense is not cool.

Ghana deserves better!

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