“This Is Ghana” Mentality is Sickening!

I have been very upset over the past few weeks over what appears to be failures of our authorities; their shameful way of responding to their failures; and the failure of those who appointed them to take action. See, I have said in previous articles months ago that I really cannot tell what the differences in our two political parties are aside the different names they bare. All these things about socialist centre left and all that is nothing but beautiful political words put together to make some nice philosophical statement without any meaning. The current government of President Mahama is not acting any different from the governments of Presidents Kufuor and Mills in similar circumstances.

See, over the past few days we have been told that the owner of the security firm that manages the Kotoka International Airport has been busted in obimanso for drug related offences. Some people have thrown in various ‘speculations’ on the relationship between him and the NDC and some of its top men. In an apparent response to this, the Government has directed the Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) suspend, with immediate effect, its contract with Sohin Security Company, providers of security services at the various airports in the country.

The Daily Graphic reports that a statement signed by the Minister for Information and Media Relations, Mahama Ayariga, said the suspension is in response to ongoing investigations by the security agencies into the activities of the company and its management. The management of the GACL has also been directed to liaise with the state security agencies to ensure that the security apparatus at the airports are not compromised during the transition following the directive.

Then there was the face-saving part of the statement (and here i am not sure whether it was Graphic’s interpretation or that was how the PR folks at the Ministry couched it) which read;”Government has over the last few months been involved in a review and investigation into the operations of various state institutions with a view to improving their service delivery, revenue mobilization and prevention of crimes against the state”. Now you don’t need Einsteen’s mind to tell you what is happening.

My point is this, who was involved in doing a background check for companies supposed to provide security at the airport during a time Ghana was struggling to clear its name as a destination and conduit for drugs trafficking? I don’t want to believe that there were some connivance in the process leading to a dude with such a questionable character offering that sort of delicate service to get that sort of contract. It is similar to offering Aggudey’s security firm a contract to protect SSNIT premises when he has been dragged to court several times for not paying his employees SSNIT contributions.
Gbevlo Lartey, the National Security Coordinator won’t resign over this. In fact, there have been enough security gaffes that should have seen him do the honourable thing. But he has not, and sadly, the President does not seem interested in pushing him out. Among his many failures have been the recurring fire outbreaks where he and his folks seem clueless.
It is not just the national security outfit which has continually failed in their work but somehow their bosses still remain in office to continue running Ghana aground. One does not need to think too hard to see and smell and sense and feel the incompetence being displayed all over us.

Whenever we have such conversations we tend to conclude with the phrase, ‘this is Ghana’! But seriously for how long should we live with that sad, tagline? This is Ghana? Ghana is the country where we worship mediocrity and reward incompetence? Ghana is the country where citizenry struggle through life and pay taxes some of which end up being used to pay the salaries and ESBs of a bunch of incompetent folks who cannot do the work they are mandated to do but cannot be sacked too?

This is not the Ghana our forefathers had meant for us to have! All those who believed in us and our independence should be weeping in their graves now. It is sickening. President Mahama, please be a different leader. Or at least try to. Start off by firing the AMA boss and national security chief. You have enough reasons to do so.

Ghana deserves better!

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