When the CEO of a reputable company goes to town to give a vivid explanation of what a creative artist INTENDED to do after the sort of backlash Chris Brown has received, then it tells me it is a desperate attempt to use PR to douse a flame which has turned into an inferno; a PR disaster.

Joy FM’s quotes Theresa Ayoade as she uses grammar to tell us what she says we all saw on the massive stage at the stadium in Accra;

A pictorial presentation of Charterhouse's CEO's persepective.
A pictorial presentation of Charterhouse’s CEO’s persepective.

“Chris Brown, as part of his act enacted a scene as he performed his song, Smoke Out The Brain in which he discussed the conflict that arises within a person when under pressure to do a vice like smoking, and to illustrate, lit up a slim cigar and pulled a symbolic puff.”She added that, “As the conflict rage on within him, we overhear his voice and other songs urging him to go ahead and smoke, while his inner voice is also overheard through the loud speakers, saying “Chris, don’t, it can make you crazy!” According Mrs. Ayoade, Chris Brown symbolically goes ahead to ‘kill’ the lighted cigar by stepping on it, before falling to the floor, coughing. The act of stepping on the ‘cigar’, she noted, was to say that good triumphed over evil. She said act was “…misconstrued as Brown lighting and smoking marijuana in public.”   

Please madam, don’t you feel awkward trying to explain to us what an artist meant to say or do? You mean all of us at the stadium were so dumb we could not understand this ‘simple’ routine which took you hours to unravel?


Do you wanna come again, please madam?
Do you wanna come again, please madam?

Mrs. Ayoade was either been extremely economical with the truth, or was trying too hard to hide the inefficiencies of Charterhouse in not ensuring that they knew all that the artist will do in order that they will forestall an incidence such as what happened. She can’t tell me she has not been embarrassed. By the way, what sense does it make to put up an act which is supposedly intended to discuss the conflict between good and evil and no one aside the performer understood? I bet Mrs. Ayoade and her team sat down for hours and watched the video again and again to piece that e-cigarette nonsense in our faces.

Now, Nii Ayite Hammond, Director of Productions at Charter House speaking to Joy News described the incident as unfortunate and that they had no knowledge of “such an act.” The incident, he added, has given them a reason to “from hence forth also add some very important clauses in contracts that we sign with artistes…which will prevent such activities from happening”.

The admission by the Director of Productions at Charterhouse clearly vindicates my assertion that his CEO is merely trying to create a smoke screen to hide their failures. They failed to audit Chris Brown, and I believe I am at liberty to think that they might have been awed by the supposed image of Chris Brown that the dare not ask, “Please Chris Brown, may we know how your intend performing? Please we want to know so that you don’t do anything stupid like slapping a Ghanaian or smoking pot like we have seen you do”. Charterhouse should apologize to rlg and Ghana for failing to do their work.

It is as if Chris Brown did rlg a favour. They bloody paid the dude $1m; government has allocated GHC3M for the entire creative industry in Ghana for one year by the way.


Lessons learnt?
Lessons learnt?

rlg should not be blamed much for this mess. I pity them though because they have, kind courtesy Chris Brown, managed to attract a lot of negative PR. I doubt if they least anticipated any of this. To start with the alleged amount paid Chris Brown leaks and makes them look like a company with misplaced priorities. Others have even questioned how many phones and computers they sell in a year to dole out a million bucks to an artist. Besides, the concert was supposed to be the icing on the cake after the commissioning of Hope City. It didn’t quite turn out like that. Chris Brown did not even mention rlg or Hope or City once during his performance. If I were rlg, I will demand explanations from Charterhouse and whiles at it, try to reduce their service charge too.



It is a shame that Ghana’s biggest event outfit leaves such gaping holes in its execution of an event they have done several times over. The CEO clearly boasts of what Chris Brown asked to be given. She does not tell us what they demanded of him. Matter of fact it is as though the dude was a demi-god nobody could challenge or get close to. As petty as it will sound, has anyone seen a photo with Chris Brown posing with anyone whiles he was here? We all know that our ‘celebrities’ like to measure their “I am a celebrity status” by posing with any ‘proper celeb’ that comes into town, and they often seem to be in a race to determine who met the ‘proper celeb’ first. For once, nobody; none of the regular suspects was able to pose for a shot with him (I will be proudly ashamed if one popped up).

Event organizers should always keep in mind that the artist that come here charge sponsors who in turn pay these folks to come down. They don’t come to Ghana as a result of their charity work. Neither are they here because Nkrumah was our first President. If its business then let us not allow ourselves to be tossed about like some wet Rose toilet roll. And if they goof like they did with Chris Brown they should hold their heads high and say sorry and ensure that they don’t repeat it.

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