How many times have I not spoken about government’s rather lazy, inmature and totally haphazard communication machinery? The brouhaha surrounding the so-called boycott by †нє government of Joy FM and all her affiliate stations was in my humble opinion absolutely laughable.

It was sad to see James Agyenim Boateng put his face and voice to that bogus announcement. You know James used to work for Radio Gold, a station which is well known and accepted to be an NDC station? The funny thing is that Joy FM seems to have been perceived as being biased based on where the politician standsa at any given time. During my time at Joy FM in 2007 we did receive such tags but I can say for a fact that there was no policy whatsoever from where I stood as a broadcast journalist to suggest that we had to be biased towards the NPP which was in power or the NDC then in opposition.

James Agyenim Boateng - the former worker at NDC-affiliated station Radio Gold and currently Deputy Information Minister on the set of one of the Multimedia Group platforms. The same group he accuses of bias.

Unlike Radio Gold and to a large extent Oman FM who have made it clear they are owned and biased to the two main parties, Joy FM and the others in their families,have largely remained neutral and to the course of the ‘news’. It beats me why government will start nagging at this point. The straw that broke the camel’s back seems to have been the Bobie Ansah incidence. I have listened to the dude a few times and I have sincerely wondered how he got to be on the Multimedia Media platform.

I hold the belief that controversies general sell when it comes to show business and the media and Bobie Ansah seems to be raking in his fair share of it. But it was apparently obvious his leanings were towards the NDC. Its unfortunate the management of the station had to wait for matters to get thus far before taking action on Bobie Ansah. Having said this though, seriously speaking which government seeking re-election and having serious credibility issues bordering on Woyome-gate, corruption, incompetence,and the possible absence of the charismatic Rawlings from campaign platforms,will decide to boycott the platforms that will give the government some of the media they need to (in the words of the NDC) continue with their propaganda?

I have heard lawyers say the action was unconstitutional. I am not a lawyer and so I won’t attempt giving legal reasons why Fritz Baffoe and his team all messed up. I do know though, that it seems the communications people of the government seem to be enjoying the messes they create. If for nothing at all, the quick U-turn gives an indication of an ill-thought out decision. And I ask myself, how many more of these ill-thought out decisions with repercussions on our international image should we expect from this team of communication experts who seem to enjoy the thrill of goofing?

I don’t know.

My piece of mind.

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