Delay tweets gleefuly about seeing Wanlov off at the airport.

Delay, the radio and TV ‘celebrity’ presenter who has made a name for herself by turning any comment into a sexually orientated one, comes across to me as someone who will do anything to succeed. And with the fledging Ghanaian environment where every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be referred to as a celebrity, I think she has crawled into that world. After all she is a radio presenter and she has through persistent ‘eye redness’ created a TV show although it just may be on the verge of extinction.

She will do anything to succeed, including acting stupid, immature and pulling silly, balderdash gimmicks just so she rakes in the eyes on the show. She has come out to suggest that the unedited footage making the rounds on social media was leaked though there is evidence to suggest she put it out herself. That is a moot point actually, considering the fact that allowing a grown man to bare his ‘totoli’ on national television is nowhere near being sensible. Do not tell me about ‘blurring’ it because even if it was well done, the notion that a TV hostess asks a man to show her his goods does not sink well at all in the least, and at worse, shows gross unprofessionalism and insanity.

Wanlov is a very creative artist. I think he is good. I also think he is stupid and sick. Yes fashion may be expressed differently and all but wearing a wrap all around town and walking bear footed as well seem awfully freakish. I think he went too far whatever reason he may have had. And what reason does he have anyway; to increase his fame, or to put him into some different ‘celebrity’ status, for the fun of it; or for the plain stupidity gesture that it was?

TV3 messed up big time with its failure to screen that sick episode of the Delay Show before allowing it to be screened. The ideal situation is that although the station ‘sells’ airtime to other production companies to air all sorts of content, the ultimate responsibility of what is screen lies with them. That is why they have folks taking charge of areas like quality check, branding and all that. After irresponsibly messing up I think they are doing lots of things right to repair their badly dented image. They have taken the program off air which is good for starters and with the reported withdrawal of sponsors of the show, it is possible we would not be seeing it on air anytime soon.

I give thumbs up to the management of TV3 with the way they are handling the matter. By apologizing to the viewing public, pulling the show off air and going on to suspend TV3 staff who failed to do their job, I think the station is trying to win back the confidence of the public in its operations.

On the other hand, Delay goes on to display gross stupidity and a clear absence of common sense by trying to say in her defense that the nude segment was blurred for TV. Is she serious? As I have said before even if the censoring was excellently done, it does not make sense why any kind of interview meant to be aired on national TV during the day should have dialogue leading to a display of private parts. That was so stupid and Delay was better of keeping quite rather than say the silly stuff she said.

I realize that TV shows and indeed owners of media content love controversy because it boosts sales, numbers, listenership, viewership and all that but I think not all of them have learnt to balance the quest to have numbers shoot through the roof with responsibility bearing in mind the cultural and moral values we hold dear in our country.

I hope what news reports say about the withdrawal of sponsors is true. If we want to copy every nonsense from the West, then perhaps this is one sensible business approach we can learn too.

I am hoping that the state institutions mandated to keep an eye on our media will be up and doing. They don’t seem to be doing enough to deserve their wages. Perhaps this is a good wake-up call for them.

PO: Monday March 12, 2012

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