The events of last week are still fresh in my mind. Yes and they still stink like the Odaw; or better still like the head of a rotten fish washed ashore the Odaw. There has been enough commentary on this so it makes my job a wee bit difficult. What am I going to say here that has not been said already? I don’t know.

Last week I wrote a piece for my WordPress blog. I wrote it in the middle of the night after hearing about all the nonsense that made the round. I honestly had tears in my eyes as I wrote. I always knew I love my country but I did not realise I loved it so much as to draw me to tears because some politicians demonstrated that they didn’t give a hoot about how they gained political popularity to win votes. In that piece I sort among others to draw our attention to a few things about our politicians:

Politicians, most of the type we have in our parts, are often self-centered people who firstly care just about themselves and will do and use everyone to get what they want and will not give a hoot to anyone else after they have gotten what they want. You want proof? When have our MPs ever agreed on anything? Answer; when a matter concerns their pockets, i.ǝ. ex-gratia and car loans and salaries.

Pause for a second and think for a minute; do you know any politician who boards the trotro with you? Forget about the occasionally PR gimmick when some of them jump into trotros.

Think again; when †нє politician has a serious ailment does he visit Korle-Bu or 37 like you do? Answer; no. He flies off to New York, Switzerland or worse case, South Africa.

Think, how many politicians do you know who live in compound houses and queue to use the toilet? Answer; none. They all live in nice self-contain bungalows with those in power not paying any bills and those out of power hanging on to the state’s property or buying it off at a ridiculously low price.

So why do we allow ourselves to be fooled by people who are simply not like us?

Not Law, Common Sense

I look at the aftermath of those atrociously unfathomable remarks and I shake my head in utter disbelief. What was the state thinking filing all those silly charges? I am not a lawyer yet but it sounded to me right from the start when that man got arrested that †нє state’s lawyers were going to embarrass themselves, government and Ghana. Worse, I had a funny feeling thet were going to inadvertently make that man a hero, a worthless hero.

What I didn’t think would be done so blatantly was for Jake and the NPP to hail that men instead of condemn those comments. Yes the party issued a carefully worded statement (a cliché, I know) that dissociated them from such stupid remarks but yet their actions showed that they somewhat endorsed him. Why carry that man shoulder high and pour Saturday Night powder on him as though he had done something so worthy of praise?

Some folks from †нє NDC are most likely politicking by asking Nana Addo to comment on that man’s sadistic comments. But I think it also offers the NPP a great chance to try win back †нє votes of the 10 or 15 percent of voters who are not die-hard supporters. Yes some people will vote for NDC and NPP no matter what so those votes are secured.

Some of us who are watching intelligently, intently and will enter that booth on December 7th to vote based on issues like what have happened over the past 2 to 3 weeks.

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