We may not want to accept it, but there is widespread knowledge that certain cliques, also known as mafias, exist in mainly state institutions and agencies that run on the tax payer’s money. I pay taxes. I have been doing so since I finished University. So it ‘pains’ me when I think of the fact that I work my butt off only for my sweat to be made useless on some agencies with either lazy workers, visionless leaders, or a government not interested in checking them.

There is probably not a single state institution which is been run successfully and rakes in the profits it is supposed to, nor carries out its mandated duties without major hiccups. We all know that most people in our MMDAs do not report to work at 8am, nor close at 5pm even though they are paid for working 9 hours a day (or is it not so?). A senior of mine used to the efficiency of the public service in Canada visited the Ministry of Information on a Thursday at 3pm or so but could not find anyone to speak to. For whatever reason countless Ministers from NDC1 through NPP to NDC 2 and NDC 3 have been unable to sack non-performing workers.

Still at the Ministries, we were all in this country when Mallam Issah in an attempt at trying to put the mafias at the Sports Ministry in line got himself in all sort of troubles including a jail term. That same Minstry saw Muntaka been played into his own web with the Pampers and chinchinga brouhaha. We are all also aware of how wasteful MMDAs are when it comes to abusing state vehicles, fuel (which government never pays for on behalf of the MMDAs), power (as they leave ACs overnight because they don’t pay bills), and on and on. There are people who have awarded themselves MBAs (Me Bahaa Akye) and so end up scaring bosses that wish to change the system.

The Mafias at the Ministry are deadlier than the one in Sicily.

I was reliably informed some years back that there are folks at GBC who do not have job descriptions but are on payroll. They choose to come to work when they want and do nothing all day but get paid. When Eva Lokko tried to shake the nest, we all saw the outcome. There is no reason why GBC should even be supported by the state. They have enough infrastructure and opportunity to grow only if the right people will be allowed to be put in charge to bring about the necessary change. GBC has suffered stunted growth over their 75 years of existence. It seems to me the case of GBC is like that of a 75 year old man living the life of a 20 year old; way past the aspirations required of their age.  There is no indication that GBC will improve anytime soon so long as the status quo remain. We will continue to see the lousy programming, dry set designs, uninspiring personalities, and depressing tag line.

GBC can and should change, but who has the balls to snuff out the mafias there?

Do we have the tightest mafia in our football? May be. I asked on Facebook this week in the wake of the Ayews’ announcement that they were taking a break from the Black Stars: Is it the case that the mafias at the GFA lack man management skills or what? We can’t be losing our best players and still claim ‘we can’t force them to play’. We have all seen Dede’s commitment to Ghana so you can’t say he’s not committed. GFA have become demi-gods onto themselves and their interests seem to outweigh the national one. We need our best, experienced and quality players at all teams. Dede, Jordan, Essien, Kevin, Muntari, all of them. Who says the Germanys, Brazils, Argentinas and Spains do not have such characters in their team! They just work around them”. I have heard countless times about how certain unnamed hands in the GFA control ‘things’.

Does anyone need a reminder about the chronic failures of TOR, ECG, VRA? We have killed other state institutions largely because corrupt, incompetent folks have been put there and they milk these companies dry until there is nothing left of it. Does Ghana Airways ring a bell? Our railways system is suffocating and all we have heard are attempts to revive it. But tell you what, it will all come to nought if we don’t change our attitudes, put the right folks in charge, ensure that they are paid to do what they have been asked to do, and we do these evaluations along the lines that some of our successful private sector industries have risen. Can you imagine how Ghana Commercial Bank and ADB will look like if they had been run like the way Amoabeng runs UT for example?

I think that as a matter of urgency there should be a desire from the very high office of the land to tackle these mafias which are strewn in many state institutions and have succeeded in crippling them. TOR, ECG, VRA are on the verge of going down and we all know why or we pretend not to know why. We have no reason to be at this stage in our development. Ghana is not 5 years old. She is not 6 years old. She is 56 years old but we are just 5 or 6 years old developed because the mafias have been allowed to hold on to their powers for too long.

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