We all know what Chairman Rawlings has been up to lately. He has not suprised me at all and I will be suprised if people got suprised. I have not psycho-analysed Chairman Rawlings (not that I am qualified to do so anyway) but you don’t need Sigmund Freud to tell you that he enjoys being the centre of attraction and I am sure he basks in the euphoria when he is on the front page of every newspaper, major radio and TV bulletins and the centre of attraction for all talk shows. JJ even grants radio interviews these days! Cast your mind back to all his antics and rhetoric; as a former Head of State he is aware that his very action is news worthy so he acts and all media follows sway.

I really laughed out loud when I read from social media and later traditional media that Oga had welcomed his ‘tietia’ adversary to his office. Then he did a few ‘booms’ as well. Days later, Papa J is at the Kumasi Sports Stadium playing a dutiful husband role at a function his presence was set to have tongues rolling and fickle finds confused. Note that prior ro this, he had been to the same stadium to see Mahama endorsed as a candidate for 2012; he was also in Ho to see the launch of his party’s manifesto (‘his party’ sounds someway; he has two now, or does he not?). At various times he’s thrown comical innuendos of babies with hard and sharp teeth and certain old evil dwarfs.

If I were a communications consult for the NDC my advise would have been to simply ignore the Flight Lieutenant. Mahama has had a cute way to respond to him. After saying some politically correct statements he curtly brushes the Founder aside and moves on with his campaign. He even manages to get his former boss to say that ‘Mahama can win an election on his own’.

The NDC has had problems with effectively managing their communications. Any time I have said it I have had some of my good friends in the much touted Communications Team either descend on me with labels and personal attacks. I have heard party folks descend on Rawlings real hard. They have called him names, said in no uncertain terms how they don’t need him in the party and I even hear a certain General who is a Mosquito evens wants to expel him (although there are constitutional matters that make such a wish not so easy).

I generally think that the folks doing the talking for parties on radio and social media get it wrong all the time. It has become the case of whose insults hurts the most. I can imagine them hiring the likes of the late Santo just because his type truly diss to the bone. And may be Agya Koo too. I just think that the many propagandists we have for the parties mar their parties’ chances instead of enhancing them. We live in a country where people think communications is just about talking. In a previous job, following the resignation of my boss, a prominent member of the town stepped forward to say he wanted my ex-boss’s job. He thought we was qualified because he could speak twi very well.
If the NDC could think strategically in the PR space, they can use the flailing popularity of their Founder and his penchant for playing to the gallery to their use. Mahama has at least demonstrated that some things will change (he and IEA are cool and he plans a social media interaction section soon too). May be he will change some more things using his PR background.

But, who is Kwame Gyan to offer his 1p piece  of mind to the mighty Communications Team?

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