You know, if our governments mastered the art of decentralization quite a number of things would have been beautifully done in much easier and less inconveniencing way. We have a situation where everything (or nearly everything) is centered in Accra only and in the regions, just the regional capital. I know we are trying to change. We have just been too slow at it.

But guess what, a certain group of professionals have shown the way, and in some style too. Well, it is not for nothing that prostitution is the oldest job in the world. Today’s prostitute just may have picked up scrolls from her predecessors from the days of Moses and co.

We all know that the Kwame Nkrumah Circle area is the hub or headquarters of a certain class of our ladies of the night. It is more than a district so let us agrees that ‘Circle’ is the regional headquarter. The other red light district with prostitutes supposed to be of a higher class is the Akuffo-Addo circle, AKA the Togo Embassy area. Even still there is a class of prostitute higher than those who stand in skimpy clothes in the cold at Circle and Cantonments. These are our supposedly innocent sisters and nieces and cousins who profess to be students in name but are really prostitutes by trade. They are those working in  a tight network where pseudo-pimps call them up when high valued clients request for the warmth of their embrace and the wetness of their pinky lips. Then there are whores on social media too, but let’s leave that for another day’s discussion.

Admittedly their charges are different. Of course they would be. I walked into a shop at Marina Mall where a suit cost in excess of GHC2,000. I bought a suit from a friend who trades from the UK for GHC300, same suit (well almost same suit). I know a friend who bought a suit for GHC150; another said he got his for GHC50 from good old Kantamanto. Point is that you will get the same ‘product’ but quality may be different.

Now, I have noticed, and indeed people who drive through East Legon after 8pm or sometimes 9pm would have noticed that the Lagos Avenue in particular is gradually turning into a red light avenue of sorts. It has become a common sight to see our colourful ladies of the night display their goods along the Avenue. Lagos Avenue is the main road you drive into when you hit East Legon from Tetteh Quarshie. The favourite spots for these ladies are some of the car parks of hotels, the dark alleys, the shopping mall on the avenue and of course the popular and perhaps notorious Jerry’s sport.

It is clear why the Est Legon hood will become a new hot joint. Our ladies of heavy make-up have taken the product to the entrance of their clients. Don’t we have folks bring packaged breakfast and lunch to our offices? Don’t you have your favourite boutique owner fill the boot of his car with the clothes and shoes you would have otherwise driven to a shop to look at? So why not them?

Back when I had a stint with Joy FM, a colleague and I did a bit of investigations into prostitution in general. Then, our focus was on the burgeoning new district at Madina. Sadly our journalistic work has not paid off. Neither has Anas’ as the Madina red light distict has grown and may soon become an industry all by itself. The numbers at East Legon keeps swelling, and I won’t be surprised if it blows over like Cantonments.

What do our laws say about prostitution anyways? Because our law enforces seem to ignore them, and even sometimes they seem to ‘entertain’ each other. Don’t ask me how!

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