I enjoyed “Nite with the Stars” despite the fact that not all advertised artistes performed. However certain occurrences during the event have frankly shook me up and I wish to share these so we see what we can do as a people.

As part of Kwaw Kesse’s act, he had bikini clad ladies come up on stage and had their backs turned to the audience. Of course most of us got excited by the view, especially that of the last model. Aside having the most electrifying behinds, she came on stage with a banner reading “VIP” which which laid on the floor for Kwaw to walk on. Clearly it was meant to diss Ghana’s oldest hiplife group and one of my all time favourite music units worldwide. The dudes from Nima and their ever large following at events like this were not happy. They, like all of us, do not like it when the people who mean a lot to us and we respect are disrespected publicly. So I understood their dissatisfaction. I however disagree with their action. You dont go slapping people because they dissed you!

I was not backstage but my understanding from speaking to sources (the kind even Gbevlo-Lartey trusts) is that the boys from Nima were not enthused by the disrespect Kwaw showed and they seemed to have assaulted him back stage. The King of the streets was made to beg on the streets, I am told.

When VIP came on stage, anyone who has seen them before could tell they were missing a spark. I am inclined to think they may have been so worked up that it took the shine off their performance.

R2bees and Sarkodie, perhaps both in solidarity and or fear for their safety decided not to perform citing what had happened to their TM pal as a basis for their no-show. I think they were ill-advised especially as the altercation that had ensued had nothing to do with them, except if they had a similar diss planned against VIP and envisaged what would happen if they went ahead with their plans. I think that when your fans come to watch you, they should see you unless there is a great reason why that can’t be. I am not sure this reason makes up for that. But then, I was not backstage, and the lads may have been justified.


One man’s attempt at disrespecting a group of musicians and thus provoking them and their fans led to the thrashing of someone. It again led to the teaming up of others in response to the situation.

If ‘music temperature’ could rise this high and cause this much ‘chaos’ at a single location, imagine what undue provocation could cause us as a people as we go to the polls in 12 days!

Our politicians, in their quest for power will stop at nothing at gaining it. We are bound to hear them speak by heart, and hoping that we will lift our voices and our hands at each other. We don’t need this in GH. They know this, but their insatiable desire for power and quest to drain our coffers dry will have them do all it takes to win. Bear in mind that most of these hard talking politicians would lose the least when violence breaks. I do know that the General Secretary of a party, aside securing the future of his grand children in various properties dotted across Ghana, has his family tucked safely away in Canada as he speaks irresponsibly all over the place. Our politicians have enough properties that you can be sure they will be safer than you and when the worse happens, they have their air tickets tucked in their passports with a get-away back stashed safely in their cars. They don’t give a **it about you and I. the only ones who give a **it about you and I, are you and I.

Yes we are a peaceful bunch. But we are the peaceful bunch with the short fuse. I pray we cut out the undue provocations on radio especially and at the large party rallies. Our presidential aspirants have spoken carelessly at various stages in their campaign. I pray that from now on, they think twice before they speak.

Oh, and by the way, Samini is a gem!

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