No John, NO!

There is a news report on attributed to JM ( In it, he calls on Northeners to vote for him because it is “time to have your own as President”. I find any political comment which seeks to lean on anything tribal to canvass for vote as unwarranted, immature and backward.

I think the President goofed.

In doing so, he has sought to make the point as though someone has said a person of northern extraction can never be President and this is the one and only shot. I believe that a lot of factors come to play before parties settle on candidates. I don’t want to believe that any party has ever said that a northerner can not lead the nation.

Indeed parties in the past have always sought to pair presidential aspirants with a sort of regional balance ostensibly to woo votes across the country. But there have still being disparities which had in no way affected electoral fortunes. Rawlings had Arkaah as Veep for his first term and Mills for the second; K4 had Aliu for both terms; Mills had Mahama.

So what?

So it does not mean anything to have anyone make an assertion of the kind JM has made.

Indeed, Hilla Limann was President of Ghana. One may say he was from the Upper West Region but not Northern. We also know that we generally call the three regions up north collectively as one.

Be as it may, has JM forgotten that he is the President? Yes, he is the President and Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces since July 24 so has a northerner ever been President? Yes!

What’s all this nonsense with southerner and northerner and easterner and westerner anyways? We are growing as a country, and hell yes I am damn proud to be Ghanaian. We don’t need these needless political zingers just because there is an election to be won. There is Ghana before December 7, 2012; there will be Ghana after December 7, 2012. We are Ghanaian first, before anything else.

JM goofed. I hope others do not follow suit.

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