Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. Some people have dual passports; others have visas they can move around with freely. I have neither. Fact that I love my country does not mean I love everything its people or government does. In fact, certain things actually upset me a great deal. They are the sort of things I have been unable to warp my brains around and perhaps even annoyingly, tend to see so much of so often. Let me share a few.


GFAFIFA has this policy of non-interference from political authorities in football administration. With this as their backbone, we have had our football authorities virtually run their own show without any sort of attempt at telling us how they use monies WE give them through the taxes WE pay to run OUR football. I think there is a difference in interfering in football matters and demanding that the monies WE have paid to be given to THEM are used for what they are supposed to be used for. When the press demand to know why $1 is used for a project $0.5 could be used for, then they angrily slash the media component of a budget because ‘they are they’. What sort of nansins is that one too?  The dudes there and all their coaches and ‘koominini’ do not even think we as the people should know why Kofi Mensah whom we all can testify is playing brilliantly does not make the cut for a tournament but Yaw Clement who we can all testify is playing worse than my 74 year old Pops makes the cut. When you ask, then they go wincing and crying and puffing and yelling ‘interference, interference, interference’ to big Daddy Sepp Blatter.

Is that not nansins?


Sulley Muntari made it to Europe via the Black Satellites. He got a good deal with AC Milan after he had been seen playing for the Black Stars. He drives a Lamborghini Gallardo in Milan. Not many Italians can afford that car.

I used to think that playing for the national team was what every player dreamed of. I used to think the pride in playing for Ghana was a big deal. Understandably, playing for Ghana came to mean a stepping stone to great contracts in Europe. If you think it is a lie go ask Asamoah Gyan, Stephen Appiah, Michael Essien, John Mensah, John Painstil and that generation of footballers. Playing for Ghana has also come to mean an opportunity to ‘resurrect’ careers that would have seen some players play in 2nd, 3rd and perhaps 4th tier leagues. You want to confirm this with Kevin Prince-Boateng? Now, what irks me is that after Ghana has offered these players the opportunity to live dreams they could possibly never have envisioned – some are dating or married to women who would never have even stopped to speak with them had they met them on the streets but for their status and money…thanks to Ghana – they turn around to demand huge monies as bonuses to play for us. They don’t give a hoot that the bonuses are even more than our President’s take home pay. I will not be bothered if our 150 Cedis a month local players cry for more money. But these dudes earn 5, 10, 15 through 50 and up to 250 thousand WEEKLY wages. The GFA even buys them their air tickets for games too.

Why? Ah, why?



I am afraid to post anyone's picture ooo! But we know them, don't we?
I am afraid to post anyone’s picture ooo! But we know them, don’t we?

With the warped mentality that everyone who asks critical questions must be an opposition member, supporter or simply an ‘against’ person, people purporting to speak for government go about dissing everyone without a care in the world. These young men have been given cool titles that make them eligible to enjoy all manner of state benefits like salaries, allowances, gadgets, cars, homes, etc. After you and I pay them via taxes, they sit on radio and television and speak as though we  begged them to work for themselves. It is as though they were doin us a favour. The most irritating ones are those for whom spewing rubbish on radio and TV is the only real job they had; they sort they would be jobless and go doing ‘lalasolila’ if their government left power. But of course typically before the government will go into opposition they would have filled their suitcases and bank accounts and homes with more than the equivalent of supplies stuffed in an Israeli bunker near the West Bank.

Why do I pay you, then you turn around to insult me? I mean how?



We love abusing privileges in this country. I understand if the police must waltz through traffic to go catch some criminal or to attend to some emergency. But there have been several cases where police or some other security vehicle will blare sirens and all you see are regular folks going on; anywhere but to attend to a pressing duty. I was made way for a bullion van and when it drove past, all I saw was a woman with her hand bag resting on her laps in the front seat. There was no policeman or any other person in the car.

A common sight on our streets - the police must always be let through
A common sight on our streets – the police must always be let through

I can bet on my January pay there was no pesewa in the carrier either. I have also driven behind a police car which all of a sudden realized the traffic was too slow, and all he did was to turn on his siren and flash lights and off he went. I don’t think the rest of us love sitting in traffic. If you the police you can’t help control traffic, I don’t think you should abuse your status by always compelling commoners to give way to you just because your girlfriend says she’s missed you or your wife says dinner is getting cold.

That too pisses me off.


Why on earth does a foreigner – regardless where they are from so long as they are not Ghanaian – come to MY country, and insult ME? In Nkrumah’s Ghana? I have heard of the sick cases of discrimination at joints like Rhapsody’s where slipper-wearing, T-shirt clad, and shorts-adorning white people are allowed into the joint and a Ghanaian in sandals is bounced by stupid looking Ghanaians at the gates upon the orders of some white man who probably even holds an expired visa!

I am going to get myself  bounced here one day, then we will see what happens next!
I am going to get myself bounced here one day, then we will see what happens next!

I am one of many folks who is unhappy with the way foreigners run many shops and other businesses in this country, and whiles at that, maltreat the Ghanaians who work there. We know these shops. May be I am being simple-minded but is that our laws just allows these people in and gives them the luxury to do what they want, when they want, how they want, and all without regard to anyone?



The man who should help fix that deplorable road leading up to your house lives in a very comfortable government bungalow or apartment in the middle of town. All the roads around him are tarred and there is hardly a pot-hole. He has no clue just how you struggle to swerve pot and man holes on a daily basis; He has no clue the amount of dust the neighbours who live en route to your home breathe in daily; he has no clue the feeder road that you travel on though you say you live in Accra, AKA capital town of Ghana. The man again waltzes through traffic with one, two, three, four dispatch riders; he makes a 10 minute trip in 4 mins whiles you make a 1 minute journey in 40 minutes. If only our Executive, i.e. the President through his Vice right down to Ministers of State and their deputies and special assistants could all experience what you and I go through on a daily basis, then may be they will ‘force’ for us. As things stand now, they don’t feel your pain, they don’t see your frustrations, and so they wont fix it with the speed you had hoped for.

Presidential convoy
Presidential convoy

In any case, what really is the reason for top speed that Executive convoys run at? Is it a fear of assassination or they are always late for appointments? Seriously, who will bother killing any of them? We are proudly too smart to do that!

yebe toaso!

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