Living the Life….In Cyberspace

A friend tells me he was in a trotro the other day driving towards Accra Central; Dude has a bit of a long neck with some pretty sharp eyes hidden behind a pair of GH5 ‘original Ray Buns’ sunglasses (that is how he describes his sunglasses himself). The vehicle was just moving past the Movenpick Hotel. He tells me he saw a heavily made-up wannabe fair lady pull out a ‘Sumsumg’ phone, open her Facebook page and update her status.

“Having lunch – at Movenpick Hotel”

Now, that is how our young lady wants to use social media for, i.ǝ. to fulfil a certain societal desire. There are lots of people out there who kowtow to all sorts of pressures unduly. They crave for a certain pedestal in life they do not quite have it takes to reach. For such people living the dream life in cyberspace is the way to go.

Our friend was certainly not having lunch at Accra’s most prestigious hotel, in fact, the closest she had gotten to Movenpick was to sit closer to the windows of the trotro near the hotel. But she gets content to make her friends believe the sort of life she says she has.

I get the feeling that some people live their lives on social media because it gives them the laxity to shape it the wauy they want and to have all the stuff they dream off in it. Ever noticed how quick our womenfolk especially are to whip out their mobile phones to take pictures especially when they find themselves at areas that fit their aspirations.

But it is important to also realise and always remember that cyberspace aint real life! There’s a huge chance of getting one’s emotions twisted and living in a fool’s paradise largely because we have mistaken the feel good factor of social media to reality.

The emergence and growth of social media, especially Facebook, has offered all of us an avenue to attain all manner of needs, project all sorts of views, and to basically have a route out of the usual and sometMxRimes extraordinary things we go through in life.

I have in the past been accused of being a pretty harsh critic of the NDC government. What I’ve said to some in the past is that, first of all you hear of me now because there is an avenue called social media and I am signed onto a few of those. I am thus able to speak my mind and you, are able to read them. I had my Facebook account in 2007. Facebook was 3 years old then. At the time, it had obviously not caught on as much as today.

So to some of us, Facebook offers us the chance to shout and scream about the things we are happy with, and those that irk us. So that is for us. Luckily and hopefully we will become serious agents of change. I am aware quite a number of influx folks out there have Facebook and other social media accounts and do follow discussions and debates even if they don’t comment for all to see. The world knows of the critical role social media played in the Arab revolution for example. The most quote from there was “we used Twitter to organise, Facebook to mobilize and. YouTube to broadcast to the world” or something like that.

I have made a number of friends on social media who have proven useful to me professionally and personally. However I am not oblivious of the fact that there are lots of men and women who use Facebook for other less dignified reasons. But that is life, isn’t it? It is a case of a coin; two sides of the coin.

There has been a steady growth of social media marketers as well, and these have obviously granted others the opportunity to make money and be in employment in a period where regular jobs are scarce.

Social media has a really important role to play in our lives, and whether or not we like it, it has come to stay.

***to be re-written soon****

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