Dear Sir,

My name is…no I don’t think my name is important. What is important though is that I live in your district and I am unhappy about a few things I want to draw your attention to, although I have a feeling you already know what I am about to tell you.

Please Sir, I am very angry at your attempt at trying to insult my intelligence. You see, I am neither the smartest man in Ghana nor the most intelligent, but I believe I am not a fool either. My anger stemmed from the fact that you detailed your ‘caterpillars’ to level the road the leads to my area from the main junction. Please Sir, you know we are in the raining season, and that the roads always get worse when it rains, so what did you want to achieve by letting your ‘caterpillars’ come grade the road. My anger even increased when I saw you and that man who wants to be our MP greet the people who live near the road as though you were doing them a favor. Sir, how? I mean how?

Please Sir, I am not happy at the way you and you people always insult my intelligence. I remember just before the 2008 elections, your predecessor from that party who lost that election, also did the same thing in an election year. I remember he made the assembly’s trucks bring gravels and they did like they were starting with the drainage construction. They never finished the drainage. The gravels they heaped also got washed away by rain or got stolen by people who needed it. Now you too you are doing the same thing, Sir. Why do you people think that we are some idiots who can be fooled left, right and centre?

Please Sir, why am I saying this? Sir, I have seen that you have also begun heaping sand and gravels on the many feeder roads we have in our neighborhood. That in itself is even an issue. Why should we have feeder roads when our area is located where it is located? I thought feeder roads were those in my village where my parents live. Yes back to my issue Sir; so why do you pretend you want to build first class roads just because we have elections in a few months. Please Sir, I know I am not anybody but let me remind you that the people of this area voted out our MP because he promised us plenty things that he could not deliver (let me reserve this part of it to the two people who want to be our MP from January).

Please Sir, all I am saying is that this attempt at fixing our road will yield nothing unless you actually fix it. May be if you fix it as promised, some of us will vote for your party. But if you do not, I can assure you that what happened in 2008 shall repeat itself. Sir, please I bought a brand new car not too long ago, and if you don’t fix that road, Sir, you would have succeeded in reducing the life span of my new baby. Please Sir, just this morning I saw one trotro and one taxi both broken down on the road. They all had the same problem Sir: their front axle had given in leading to the total ‘uprooting’ of the tires from the rest of the vehicles. Luckily for us, Sir, the road was so terrible that the cars were crawling at the time of the accidents. Please Sir, I am appealing to you to fix our road. You have started and I hope it is not a political gimmick like you people have been doing.

Please Sir, one more thing before I sign off. I know you have a lot of visitors at your reception waiting to say ‘good morning’ to you so I don’t want to take any more of your time than I ought to. Please it is about the many potholes on the main road that leads to town. The potholes have increased with time and it is also very disturbing. Please Sir, I thought you had some of the NYEP boys who are on the ‘Potholes Model’ in our district. I thought they would be working hard to fill the potholes but still there is no show.

Please Sir, I will like to sign off this missive here until I hear from you. I know you may not reply me but I hope you get to read this at least.

Thank you Sir.

Yours faithfully,

Kwame Gyan.

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