Ace Ghanaian MC Kwasi Kyei Darkwah put up this post of Facebook a few days back and it totally got to me and many others I shared it with:

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah
Kwasi Kyei Darkwah

Where is the love? Is it for God and Country or for our political party? Why do we give so much attention and importance to the side attraction and neglect the main event? Wealthy or broke, learned or illiterate, if the best among us do not contribute positively, if our institutions fail, if our leaders and mentors do not serve selflessly, if our Government fails, we sink together. Sitting on the dock of the bay and hoping for failure so we can say “I told you so” does not serve any Ghanaian well.

Prosecute the recalcitrant wherever possible or ignore them, but whatever you do, don’t publicize them. Focus on the main event and participate in building up the sectors where your passion and expertise lie.Our problems are a build up of carelessness and waste from ALL parties. Help fix what you can. This great nation belongs to us all. If you are capable in any field of endeavour, step forward, apply and help build your country. Political parties come and go. Like beloved members of our families, none thus far has gone without sin. None thus far has gone without doing some good too.

Ghana must remain great and strong. Your nation NEEDS YOU. And when you reach out to serve, I pray that your education, training, skill set and ability to perform with excellence, candour and passion for the benefit of the nation counts more than favours from any appointing individuals lest many outstanding Ghanaian workers never rise to positions where our nation may use them competitively and profitably for the greater good.

After every election, some parties may lose, but the nation must continue to win with the work and well-wishes of all who call themselves GHANAIAN.

May the doomsayers rest. May the well-wishers rise. God bless our homeland Ghana

If this does not sum up the feelings of most of about our nation then I am not sure what would. It got to me. It sure did. It reminded me that we all need to help whoever is in power to succeed. Party colours should be put aside once anyone takes the sword and swears at the independence Square to be the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Yes we should let the President be. We should allow him to govern as best as he can. We should give him time to steer this nation in the way he finds fit. There have been too many insider reports of party aparachikis seeking to have their way on some issues. Admittedly it is a tight rope to walk as a President, i.e. satisfying party elders, party officers, foot soldiers all on one hand and delivering on electoral promises made to an entire nation.

I hope the party people will let Mahama be!

Of course we can all shout out when we think certain things are going wrong. I am one of those who sits in his small corner and speak out when I can. My voice may not be loud enough. It sits in the Weekend Globe and on my blog and on my social media walls. Occasionally I pick up the phone and unleash my displeasure on some close friends in government or close to government. I’ve learn though that the little noises people like myself make are heard. Which is good.

I will be happier though if the President showed all that he is the President. Yes party folks especially may be unhappy and call him names in chambers but we will all have seen his work and that should matter. Nkrumah didn’t become the greatest by satisfying and making everybody happy. Mahama will fail if he tried to make everyone happy. Whiles trying that, he will fail to make them happy and before he blinks 2016 will be here and there will be nothing to show for it. Just in case some people have forgotten, propaganda has lost its potency in Ghanaian politics.

He too he should crack the whip eh? He should start from the Ministry of sports with their GHC200 million overspending. We don’t want to hear rhetoric. We want the rhetoric which is announcing the action taken.

Ghana deserve better!

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