KIGALI CHRONICLES: Lessons for Oko V and K. Bonsu

My first time here in Rwanda and all the good things I heard about this lovely country of a thousand hills is true.


Rwandans have turned their horrific war of 1994 around and in 20 years become a lot of what the rest of Africa should aspire for.

Over the next few days I am going to take in the magnificent views and sounds of this sweet nation and her people and see how we can learn from them. I said on Facebook that Oko V, Kojo Bonsu and the rest of the people cracking their brains and visiting European cities to learn how to turn our cities into ‘krabewhe’, please don’t look too far. Kigali has done it beautifully. 

Clean city.
Disciplined population. 
Riders who understand what a helmet can do.

Rwandans have remembered, united and renewed themselves after the horrific scenes of a 1994 war.

Driving through the city of Kigali make most parts of my Accra and Kumasi seem like….something else I am having trouble describing. Some colleagues of mine on social media who have experienced Kigali had praises for this lovely country.

George Sam Jnr said “I was there in 1995. Kigali was still well-kept then. The lesson is that it’s possible. We shouldn’t hide behind excuses and leave our cities as they are now”. Komla Edudzi Abotsi adds that, “no plastic bags, and please find out what you’re charged for hitting a tree, an electric pole etc”. I am told electricity users are informed via text messages.

Loads of lessons to take away from here but key for me in this maiden post is that, we do not need to visit Zurich or Berlin or Manchester or Oakland or New York to learn how to turn our cities around. Kigali is not too far.

Turasubira…that is kinyarwanda or Rwandese for see you later.


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