Sometimes I get the feeling that I may not be too well. I think and say to myself, “all these boys, some of whom I knew from school, cannot be wrong with their passion and seeming love for their political parties and their political idols”. But I am almost always awoken from that thought by some others who make me realize that I am not too far from right in getting sick to the stomach when I hear all of the gibberish being spewed all around me. I think young people have stopped thinking and that saddens me. In the name of party politics we have put our brains on pause and all we do is to think like a bunch of illiterates without the ability to think, to decipher and to analyze. I hope we will be able to put aside party politics and think beyond for a second what we do and whether it sits well with our inner selves. I continue to lose respect for people I hitherto respected simply because they fail to see the mess their party folk are preaching and continue to fan such nonsense and spread such ignorant utterances.


A few occasions over the past few days have particularly made me realize just what people will throw away in the name of politics and a desire to see their party remain in power, or get into power. In the midst of what has become known as the Melcom Disaster, Deputy Local Government Minister and Campaign Manager of the President, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah was on radio saying “Our opponents do not have credibility. Their campaign is based on what I will call a one-legged ‘kwashiorkor’ Free SHS which is crumbling like the Melcom building because it has no substance, it has no basis and that is the challenge that they have”. As at the time he made those comments, rescue teams and volunteers were digging through rubble to see if they could save any lives; families were mourning. The comments were clearly insensitive, unnecessary, immature and totally foolish. Thankfully Elvis realized his folly and apologized.


Even when Elvis  had apologized for his inappropriate comparison of NPP’s Free SHS campaign mantra to the disaster at Melcom, some educated young people still sought to justify it. One former student leader with a desk at the castle had the impudence to remark that “saying that the foundation of a proposed policy is as weak as a building which recently collapsed as a result of weak foundation amount to being insensitive to those who perished from the said collapsed building? I was livid at those comments and I minced no words in telling him off. That is the extent to which young people have been blinded by politics. If we the 20 and 30 year olds are supposed to represent the future then I shudder to think what awaits us. Frankly, the thought of our future scares me.

Nana Addo has in the past messed himself up with making statements with distasteful connotations like the ‘Akanfo)’ comment and the like and we all condemned it. Now a sitting President stokes the same fire and bright and smart young people are giving him praise. We should be ashamed of ourselves. I have heard all sorts of comments justifying the President’s comments. I have heard some say it is the political season so anything a politician will say to rake in the votes is acceptable.


Like seriously?

Some dude even had the sickening confidence to argue that in 2008 Obama called on the people of his home state to support him. I said to him, talking tribal or ethnic politics in Ghana is synonymous with playing the race card in the US. Imagine if Obama had gone to Queens or Bronx or North Carolina and had said “y’all know no nigga has been to that white house on the corner of DC; make me the first nigga there, ya feel me?”; would he have been the President of the United States today, especially when blacks and other coloured races form just about 40% of the American population? Instead of people telling the President “Your Excellency, please don’t use the ‘I am the northerner card again’, they are hailing him and all he has succeeded in doing is to move votes to everywhere else either than to himself.


There are a long of smart, intelligent young people across parties who have a lot to contribute to changing the fortunes of this country to move it forward and make it a better Ghana. But as long as they pull down their political hoods over their heads where their brains are hidden and over their eyes, thus blinding them completely. It is as if they have sold their mental faculties to the parties and their very breathe depends on them.


Let’s wake up young people. We are better than this. Way better!


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