In Defence of Charterhouse, GhOne and the Pundits TV Show!

I have seen that story on 4syte tv which attacks Gh one and Charterhouse Ghana and the Pundit show.

To start with, I was not at the 4syte Music Video Awards. But as has been the case since social media gained grounds in Ghana, one does not need to be at a venue to get a fair idea of how it turned out. Now, there were several posts on social media which indicated that the awards began very very late. We all gave it to Charterhouse when the GMAs had issues, and the same went to the MVAs.

The only plaudits I have heard about the MVAs were the face-saving performances by Sarkodie and new kid on the block, Shatta Wale. I read and was told about NOTHING else working well.

Now, The Pundits on GhOne is a show that reviews practically everything entertainment. George N A Quaye who works with Charterhouse, owners of GhOne, has presided over the show where Nii Ayi Tagoe and Francis Doku have criticized events the station has hosted. Nii Ayi has in fact, sat on his own show at Joy FM to speak harshly about events organized by his employers. Ebenezer Anangfio and others wrote about this same show and none praised it.

The guys at 4syte should sit up and get their acts together. Their last show was shambolic to say the least and they should work on getting their acts together instead of trying to point fingers at others for their flaws. People should learn that what they don’t know, they don’t know.

It will take 4syte tv and its people at least 10 years of diligent, concerted professional work to attain a quarter of what Charterhouse has. Charterhouse is doing big bog things and I doubt if they will bother about ‘running down’ 4syte. This coming from me should mean a lot……those who understand, will understand.

This nonsense must stop. And I know they will come after me. That is what we are good at in this country. When you criticize, you are a hater; when you praise, you are awesome.

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