I asked my friends on social media in the course of the week if any presidential candidate had promised spinsters husbands and bachelors’ wife yet. I am seriously getting overwhelmed with the avalanche of promises the poor Ghanaian voter is being buried under. I am not sure whether it is an electoral requirement but it seems to me that manifestos are prepared to meet certain electoral expectations whereas the ‘by heart’ promises are meant to excite mainly the illiterate bunch who are thrilled at the sound of freebies and sky-rocketing promises.

I had tried to keep count of what CPP, PPP, NPP and NDC were promising but I gave up when I could not find space in my little note book to continue. Various opposition elements have found the time to list various things that their rivals could not deliver. Some have in the past sworn heaven and earth to extend railway infrastructure from Amissah-Arthur’s doorstep right up to Dr. Bawumia’s home village. Others have said also that pilgrims in the north going to Mecca will fly out straight there from the Tamale International Airport which they were going to build. For 2012 there is the almighty Free SHS.

I am frankly impressed with the way the NPP’s Free SHS has somewhat redefined the campaign process. I am personally not too sure how successful the programme will be but it sure is sounding like a good campaign tool for the NPP. It has forced the NDC to virtually forget about their own campaign mantra and issues and rather focused on trying to deflate the impracticality of the Free SHS. The President spent a chunk of his IEA time explaining why Free SHS is not new and what the NDC will want to do with education. Fiifi Kwetey and his group have not turned their attention on that as well. There ought to be something working well for the NDC to channel so much energy and effort into trying to make nonsense of it.

I hope though our politicians will slow down on these promises. I find them a wee-bit insulting especially when we have all experienced in the past the inability of governments to even execute constitutionally mandated agenda. Don’t promise me mountains when you cannot even guarantee me a mole hill. I heard in the course of the week a news report which suggested that Ghanaians are gradually giving up on political parties. I am absolutely one of them. I have said previously that we should get the basics first. I think we are getting to the point where Ghanaians will say “no way” after a government’s first term in office. One of the things to contribute towards this stance is the penchant to throw promises around without a clue on how to execute them.

Oh by the way, I hear some folks in the NDC say Mahama is winning 2012 because he is first on the ballot paper. Well, Nana Addo was first the last time out and he is still in opposition. Ironically Mills was third then and won. Nana Addo is third in 2012. So you see now that such reasoning are purely silly and shallow? Of course a good place on the ballot paper makes it easier for voter education and that is all.

‘Party people’ get on the ground and tell us how you intend doing all that you say you want to do and stop assuming that the Ghanaian voter is some gullible idiot who will swallow hook, line and sinker, anything thrown at him. Oh, and when you hear the first person promising wives and husbands and children and concubines please let me know so I tell him a piece of my mind. From the way things are going, I think we are not too far from that point.

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