Hard Language but still True

I have often been told that my tone is rather too harsh sometimes. It is not as if I sit down and purposely decide to go hard on issues. I write what I feel, and I do not do so looking at what party apparel the person in question is wearing. It is often predictable the kind of response I get whenever I make a comment or write on any matter of political nature. Truthfully, I care less what political party attack dogs say. We tend to praise people because they belong to our parties and crucify others because they are not. We are quick to jump on the politics of equalization bandwagon and diligently produce evidence to support our stance.

I made some comments about Tsatsu Tsikata’s unwarranted remarks about a judge barely 48 hours after the events of August 29. I am not oblivious to our cultural positioning which make the younger person guilty no matter what the case is as far as it involves an older person; much the same way as not telling an elderly person that he has made a stupid comment. I have in the past spoken my mind on all sorts of comments by people from either side of the divide. If a comment is stupid, it is stupid. Simple. Just the other day Nii Ayi Tagoe and some others were accusing me for not using the same yardstick to criticize Tsatsu as I did for Sir John.

Thing is, I don’t have my ears on all radio stations every day. It is not my job to do so. I know there are NPP and NDC people whose job descriptions include to listen and respond to radio commentaries, be on social media and do the work of their parties. I don’t work for any party so i tend not to be all over the place listening and reading. As a matter of fact I was told about Tsatsu’s comments late Saturday afternoon but I only heard them myself on Monday morning and my post was simple…”Tsatsu no force”.

Now, we have gone through an electoral process and a court matter which made some people nervous enough to fly out their families. Business has slowed down because no one was certain what will happen after the SC hearing. We ought to be moving on and away after the hearing. Now my friend George Spencer Quaye, a known NDC member whom I have known from when he was a year behind me in PRESEC, reminded me that a lot of people had been being careless (I used the “I” word in my initial comments) in their pronouncements. I have gone back to read Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko’s and i think it is just as idiotic (since that is the word you guys seem to be having orgasmic pleasure with). What I said about Sammi Awuku’s tape thingy was that I didn’t think it was him and to be honest it is difficult to say that it is him despite the fact that the voice sounded very much like him. Now, if indeed it was him then it would be one of the most stupid things he ever did.

I have said things that are not nice about lots of people. But of course this is Ghana. When what I say suits a certain band of people they hail me as their own. When it does not, they say I belong to the other side. Should it not be common sense by now that the fact that I say things the way i do for both sides mean i really care less about party affiliation?

If we are to go on to try do this equalization thingy I am sure we can all find loads of people from both sides who speak as though they had rubbish dumb in their mouths. This goes beyond NPP and NDC. We are too timid in this country to condemn people when they obviously mess up. I was brought up to respect my elders. I do. I have also learned that you respect those who respect themselves. I will never EVER respect ANYONE who clearly does not respect himself and decides to behave in an untoward manner that among others jeopardizes the peace of our country. We were lucky to have pulled out of the hearing with most people remaining sane. Why should elements in the two parties decide to use their utterances to create the conflict we don’t want?

Oh yes I respect and idolize Ace Ankomah, and some others for different reasons. Believe it or not I admire Haruna Iddrisu to bits as well, and a few others. But I am no copycat. Ace may be mild in his castigations (for want of a better word), it does not mean that because he inspires me i copy whatever he does. I express MY opinion in MY way and I won’t change it because it bruises the egos of some persons or makes their idols look bad after doing and saying bad, bad, things.

I regret not what I have said about Tsatsu cos he no force. I regret not what I have said about Sir John and if both NPP and NDC folks are upset they can go swim in the Korle Lagoon!

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