HA! HA!! HA!!!

Government to People:
1. If you can’t take the heat; leave!
2. If you can’t pay the bill; switch off!
3. If you can’t afford light; get candle!

People to Government:
1. If you can’t manage nation; quit!

Those are the words of Jojo Quansah, my friend. Humorous; but a sad picture of what we have been bedeviled with in the past few days in this country. See, governance is one big job. It is no joke at all. And there is a clear, huge difference between playing what I call ‘opposition politics’ to leading a nation. Have you noticed some ministers still speak as though they were still in position? You noticed how our leaders love the phrase “Government will…” when what they ought to be saying is “Government has…”? When seeking power these politicians do not care what they say, how they say it or when all of it happens. So later on when you play the tapes that showed them saying what we remind them that they said to us, then their faces start to look some way.
With strike actions flaying left, right and centre, somebody too gets up and tells us to leave the country if we think it is too hot. This same dude found nothing wrong with staying in the heat when things were hot in the old regime. But now that things are worse, he thinks we have no right to complain. May I kindly end here with him before I go against the upbringing Auntie Mansah imbibed me with.

Whiles on my favourite playground (i.e. social media) a few days ago, an NDC boy wrote a thesis where he said he did not understand why the leaders of striking unions are allowed to do as they wish. He quoted laws and regulations and statutes to back his rhetoric. Most of what he said was right. However what made them wrong was the fact that this same boy had encouraged this same nonsense when his party was on the flipside. Now the heat in the kitchen is turned to him and he discovers all the niceties about law and order and rule of law and constitution and kominini.

See, when our politicians stop politicking with issues of governance, the days of seemingly needless strikes and protests over every move by a party in power will belong to history. It is common scenarios to have opposition parties throw their weight behind labour groups during protests. They never pause to think and ask if what labour is fighting over is correct. Now, when they come into power they forget that the labour unions remain where they are and could thus give them a taste of the same medicine. And when people like me who live here in Ghana with our parents and siblings and children and nieces and nephews complain, a man whose children schooled abroad and live abroad and vacation abroad and earn the juicy salaries abroad opens his mouth and speaks by heart!

So why can’t we be honest with ourselves and deal with issues without wearing our seriously smudged political lenses? Is that too difficult to do? Who should we blame now for the mess on our labour fronts?

I surely won’t blame the labour unions. They see what we all see and they certainly think they deserve a fair share of the booty that our leaders take home and dole away to people who least deserve them.
Seriously I am of the strongest belief that if Ghanaians knew and believed that their leaders are prepared to sacrifice in what is obviously hard times for the nation, they will do more than bear all the hardships with pride and belief that things will change. But we live in a country where clear corruption is rewarded and almost never punished; several needless committees have confirmed the squander by people we all know and see and yet they walk around doing nothing and the Ministry and AG’s office are not sure who should start the process of getting the monies back; I don’t even wanna talk about Woyome.

In the face of all this, we have Ministers that live like royals and worse still, rub it in our faces. How does anyone expect us to be calm? You think those who complain are blind? We can’t hear and see? Even those of you who use images of the President and party stalwarts as your display pictures on social media and will want to support everything government does, know that it is senseless to call for sacrifice when those making the calls and their cohorts do not live it! Complete balderdash!

I am not done yet!

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