Good Evening Your Excellency: Little Ways of Saving the Cedi

Good Evening Your Excellency,

Sir, I am not happy. That is apparently obvious. Most of us are not happy. Even some diehards of your party will confess in private how unhappy they are.

It has been a bit embarrassing hearing some of your party people speak.

One of them blamed high rise buildings for the depreciating of the season. His theory basically is that “the taller the high rise buildings, the lower in value the cedi becomes”. Outrageous, isn’t it? if that was outrageous then I guess it is ok to say the next one is sickening!

Another one of your people who has blamed the cedi’s performance on juju and black power. This one is reported to have said the activities of magicians, who conjure money as part of their stock in trade, have a direct effect on the cedi, which is witnessing unprecedented depreciation in recent times. Citing the activities of black marketers, currency speculators and other people she describes as “saboteurs, who use dwarfs, stole such monies from banks and other financial institutions and inadvertently affected their stability.

Sir, yet another one of your people says there was little the President could do to address the situation, since both the Qur’an and the Bible have predicted hard condition at the End Time.

Your Excellency Sir, these three people are one of your party’s lawyers and regular radio panelists; another is a party executive and one of the bosses of NADMO; and another is a Minister you have appointed to serve us.

Terrible! Shameful! Embarrassing! Pathetic!

Sir, as I said to you previously, I am no economist, and so are the Black Market Forex dealers I heard on CITI FM the other day. I think that if we start doing, or not doing as the case may be, and consistently maintain whatever stand, we shall see a good turn around in our economy;

  1. I am told in more serious countries, the process of getting foreign currency can be as difficult as convincing President Rawlings that President Kufuor is not corrupt. Why can we not do same? Or?
  2. A friend posted on Facebook that the school fees for his kindergarten wards is charged in USD. The school is in Accra here and yet, they charge in USD. In all humility, this is nonsense, Sir!
  3. All the high rise buildings that one of your people say is the cause of the current problem are charged in USD. They have billboards across town, and on routes leading to the Flagstaff House, Sir. Why can we not force them to charge in GHS?
  4. I am told when you visit our ports, charges are also quoted in USD. True? If true, why, please? Some of the Black Market people here say the banks are not releasing the USD and their customers need the USD to do things that the state mandates them to do, including paying rates, etc.
  5. Some shops in Accra charge USD for the basics they sell. Not cool

I am hopeful. But I am afraid hoping will not be enough; and certainly the ideas of some of your trusted public speakers deserve to be placed in the waste bin of the Bethel Methodist Primary School in Tamale where I started school.

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