Good Evening Your Excellency: A Committee on Jan 31st Floods? Or?

Please sir I hope our Flagstaff House was saved from the rather embarrassingly massive floods we experienced this afternoon after that seemingly innocuous rainfall this last day of January. 

I hope the carpenters fixed the leaking that was reported prior to you moving there. This is Ghana though and I won’t be surprised if they did a lousy job and there was a little flooding close to the kitchens.

Your Excellency, I am one of the many people in Sikaman who get upset with the myriads of promises that come via some long political English but zilch action. 

Parts of Kaneshie soon after the brief rainfall
Parts of Kaneshie soon after the brief rainfall

I can bet with my last Penny (why not pesewa? Come on Sir, can you imagine what One Pesewa can buy? Nothing, exactly!), that in the next 48 hours Uncle Oko Rick Ross Vanderpuye will go around with a convoy of 100 cars to INSPECT the devastation with media in tow.

He will then put on his most fearsome and sympathetic face and promise the heavens whiles threatening fire and brimstones to the people he suspects whose actions brought the floods, as though the actions of these people sprung up like magic overnight. 

Oko V will then go to bed until the next disaster…perhaps a fire or building collapse or some other thing. That is just how we do things in Sikaman. I was hoping that some of these things will change with you but perhaps it’s a bit too soon. Or?

Your Excellency, I think our biggest problem in this country is that we seem to be going through a leadership crisis. Worse is that we don’t want to acknowledge this. Our leaders have failed to lead us. They have merely exercised power and in most cases they have lacked the foresight to effectively administer this power. I don’t want to include you in this category sir, for I am not fit to do so.

How do we solve the flood issues? 

Please don’t form any committee. We have had too many of these already and between you and I you know what issues we have had with these. To solve this particular problem, please order any of your many Presidential Aides or Staffers to go to the library you are supposed to have and search. They will definitely find some report or white paper or pink paper or some other coloured paper that gave some good suggestions. 

I am prepared to wager my paltry salary on this. You may wager with yours too, Sir. That will totally thrill me.

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