Good Evening Your Excellency: £1=Ghs4

Hey Folks,

I intend writing a series of letters under the Good Evening Your Excellency heading. Some birds have whispered to me that some big boys in high places follow my posts and take me serious so I am hoping that they just don’t read but also act.

So he goes with the first one titled £4=GHS4.

Good Evening Your Excellency John Dramani Mahama, 

PleaseSir, I didn’t read Economics so my understanding about the forex trade is very limited. However I know that when I need much cedis to get a little foreign currency, then something is wrong.

Please sir, I am told, for example, that I need about GHS4 to get just £1. That is certainly very bad as per my earlier explanation.

Please sir, do something. 

Speak to our friends at the World Bank or IMF; give Deborah Vanessa’s Uncle Barack Obama a call;

Talk to the head of government of our colonizers David Cameron;

Give the Chancellor of Europe’s biggest economy, Obama’s friend Angela Merkel a call;

Dispatch emissaries to our new friend in the East, the Chinese;

Make that long and tedious flight to Moscow and speak with power loving Vladimir the putting Putin;

Make the 45 minute flight to Abuja and whiles eating ‘gala’ speak to our hat-wearing brother from another mother,Goodluck Jonathan;

Or for goodness sake you may even speak to South Sudan’s Salva Kiir.

Just do something to stop our beloved cedi from falling faster like Nii Ayi Tagoe’s Manchester United is falling farther away from a Top 4 finish in teh EPL.

Thank you for your attention, Sir.

Please good night.

Please I didn’t say tweaaaa. It is people who are saying it.

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