I cast my first vote during the last election. I voted for the NPP then, ask me why? I have no idea. Probably because my father made sure we got registered and drove us (my siblings and cousins) to all go cast our votes for the NPP.

Yes! My dad is a strong NPP man.

This time around, 4 years on I believe I’m more discerning now and can make my own decisions. And honestly I really don’t want to vote this time around.

I look at my country and the things I believe are basic are non-existent.

Good roads, water do I even need to mention electricity (the thought of it just upsets me). We have managed to somehow politicize everything in Ghana. The Norwegians call Ghana that small country with BIG politics. I completely agree. But let’s not compare ourselves to Norway.  

NPP is talking free SHS education which kind of sounds absurd to me. I was Aggrey memorial AME Zion secondary school in Cape Coast. I was admitted in 2004 and all my mates from Aggrey would tell you, more than 50% of us could not be housed in the school’s boarding facilities. We were made to pay for private hostels. The classrooms couldn’t take us as well, so the parking sheds were our classrooms. Free SHS would mean a lot more people, so why will you say free when we don’t have proper structures not to talk of teachers.

PPP says employment. PNC errrmmmmm…….. Yeah they also got a female running mate. NDC, hmmmmm……… I think they’re offering quality education right? So far all I hear is their attempt to rubbish the Free SHS the NPP is promising. And that horrible advert where my people (I’m a Ganyobi) fail horribly at speaking Twi. They just sound ridiculous. But I sort of love it all.

NDC I feel were just not prepared for this. They were going into this election with Mills and the fact that he was an honest man, an ‘asomdwe’ man and just hit on Nana Addo’s character and the man(Mills) left them hanging. They don’t seem prepared to me at least.

I loved listening to Dr. Abu Sakara at the IEA. He believes Ghana must work again. He is passionate about agriculture (a part of our industry I think we have completely ignored).

There has to be a change. People we put in power must work for us. This is our Ghana. We do not have another. Ok. That’s my stop. Thought I’d make my troski ride interesting.

Looking forward to the debate. Would have been a little more interesting with Nduom. I’m just saying.

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