EBOLA is our problem; we should deal with it ourselves!

‪#‎EBOLA‬ has claimed 100s of lives already. The two Americans infected and flown to the US by their government (a gesture every rational person cannot help but commend them for and wish their government could do same for them) are surviving and according to Dr. Kent Brantly, he is feeling stronger everyday.

So America had a cure albeit in an experimental stage and they were prepared to use it only when one of them had contracted the disease. It’s unfortunate that America would hold on to a potential treatment and watch Africans die like weevils.

But let’s leave the Americans alone for a minute. They are a sovereign country and reserve the right to protect their people in the way they see fit. If they are selfish about it and so what?

What are we doing? What are African countries doing for their countries? Surely we have Noguchi-like institutions across the continent. We use our meagre resources to train sharp minds and watch some taken away to the West. What are those here and OUR governments doing about OUR OWN problems? Our Ebola? 

We mess up and go to the West and now the East for economic bailouts whiles still mismanaging that bailout. We go to the West for coaching expertise. We go there when we have headaches and when we have heart conditions. We go there for holidays and put our kids there. Our leaders do not even trust out hospitals to deliver their babies for them. Everything must be with the assistance of the West.

Ebola is our business. I am not getting into the politics of who created it and why Africans but it is here nonetheless and WE must deal with it. The West cannot always come and save us. You don’t pupu on yourself, and call out Uncle Sam to hand you a toilet roll.

Some of us will do our bit in extending that education on how to prevent contracting Ebola. We need our governments across the continent to take the lead in getting our science research institutions to push for a home made cure. 

Our governments should do better than they have than. They should serve us. They are supposed to be civil servants. We should see them serving us for once. Government appointees should not shamelessly fly out their children and uncles and housekeepers out of the continent instead of making it possible for us to find a cure. 

We CAN find a cure to Ebola here. Yes, good old Uncle Sam may extend some help to us at some point but we are not going to wait hands in hands with solemn, drooping faces like sickened paupers, are we? Yes we the people have a role to play but we know also that our governments have the resources we have given them to do more.

Let’s do more!

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