I know what a debate is because I took part in some in Presec and at Legon. What I just saw on TV was not a debate, it was merely a Question and Answer session where three gentlemen and another, with the assistance of their manifestos and several other documents in front of them proffered answers to questions they seem to have known before hand.

The whole debate idea is a good concept, one I’m proud we have started practising in Ghana and one which is missing across most of Africa. However we have a much longer way to go than we may wanna agree. We will need to sort out the criteria on debates; the structure of the debate; the crucial role of moderators and all. We all enjoyed the US debates with Obama and Romney and Biden and Ryan. I’m not sure most of us enjoyed this one.

Having said this, I feel very upset that a party like the PNC which is founded by a former President will seek to insult the intelligence of Ghanaians by offering to be elected as President, a character like Hassan. Ayariga. I asked that If you found Ayariga worthy to STAND for the high office of President of Ghana then you have issues. Those who think I am being harsh, I wish I could do more. Ayariga wants to be President of Ghana. Just in case we have forgotten. He is not standing for a Dorm Prefect in some village secondary school.

Such was the crass show of immaturity that the man displayed. To start with, he seemed prepared to take swipes at Nana Addo without any provocation. I found that strange especially as he seemed disinterested in minding the man who occupies the seat he dreams of sitting on. He seemed to also have his newly created ‘Ayaricough’ whenever Nana Addo spoke.

I find the PNC as a useless party to have presented Ghanaians with an idiot of Ayariga’s calibre to stand for an important position like President. I felt insulted watching him read out ideas that even sounded childish. To crown it all up, he sets forth to attack poor Nana Addo on a barrage of issues that had almost no linkage to the debate.

The position of President is a serious one. The level of seriousness I saw from my colleagues in secondary school and university goes way above what the PNC is offering us in Ayariga. 3 weeks ago he set out to ease the tension in Ghana by making us, including his dear wife, laugh. Today he set out to tell the world he is an idiot who is having a laugh by pretending to contest for Ghana’s Presidency.

Akufo Addo.
Even Acheampong.

Can you picture Ayariga as our President?

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