Did we kill him?
Did the NDC kill him?
Did the NPP kill him?
Did the people of Ghana kill him?
I have thought about these questions since I first heard of the passing away of our dear President via social media on Tuesday afternoon. I was not a fan of the leadership style of our President. I was not a fan because I felt he was ineffective and he had the potential to show greater leadership than he did. But I do know that he was ineffective because he was not well and had a divided attention of staying well and alive and ruling a 24-million person Ghana whose peoples are loud, insatiable and whose politicians can be bitterly hard-hitting and almost heartless.
Perhaps it is time we stopped politicking with the lives of people in this country. Politicians on either side of the divide have for decades toyed with our lives by not caring enough, not doing enough and saying too much of what they know they can but will not do. They have now toyed with the life of a man whom we now all hail and praise either because as our tradition demands we do not speak ill of the dead or we are just been plainly hypocritical.
There has always been talk that our President was unwell. These started just before the NDC went to congress ahead of the 2008 polls. Of course it was vehemently denied and the ‘whistleblower’ at the time has since not known peace within the party. Indeed our President has had to deal with these rumors right until he kicked the bucket on Tuesday July 24, 2012 at 1415GMT, just three days after he turned 68.
In the name of politics and for the selfish interests of some idiots, the true state of our President’s health has always been denied. He was perhaps the only one to have admitted that he had what he called a ‘sinus problem’, a problem he said all those who know him are aware of. But as to the severity of that ‘sinus problem’ or any other ailment for that matter, we were all kept at bay. Again, in order to maintain a certain political equilibrium and cling on to political power, we all looked on as some young, small boys and clueless spokespersons and so-called aides of all shades at the Presidency and on a certain Government Communication Team virtually determine the faith of our President.
In fact I am livid. I have been since our President passed and I still am. The bunch of them knew our President was sick; they knew he required specialized care; they knew the care he required was not supposed to have been disguised as any 10-day ‘routine medical check’ nonsense; they knew that if he were to be fit he needed to be away not for days but for weeks and perhaps months. Yet, all they did was to deny and deny and deny. They denied until their excuses were yanked from their tongues. Hey I do know that nobody knows what His plans are. Not the Pope, no archbishop, no bishop, no reverend, no pastor, no prophet, no deacon, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY knows what His plans are. But I do know that when someone is sick you seek to treat the person. That is common sense. Nothing should be more important than the life of a person. Nothing!
The demise of our President should let us be humane in our politicking. It should let us adopt an opened and honest communication regarding the lives of our office holders. Not just because we pay them and provide them with all sort of amenities from our collective taxes but because we are humans with hearts and feelings. Because we are Ghanaians and the Ghanaians we are should not allow us to look away when a fellow man is in pain. From hence we should make it a policy, a habit, our character to let the health status of our leaders be known. If the candidates standing for elections are not well we should know; if the ministers of state are not well we should know. We ought to know!
Did the NDC kill him?
Yes the NDC killed him when they forced him to act as a well and strong President when he was clearly not and required medical attention. Yes the NDC killed him when they refused to let our President’s life take precedence over political nonsense.
Did the NPP kill him?
Yes the NPP killed him when they kept attacking our President’s health in a diabolical and politically slanted way instead of the way that showed true concern and would have pushed for genuine medical care without hoping to make dirty political gains.
Did the people of Ghana kill him?
Yes the people of Ghana killed him when a day did not pass by without our President being accused of doing this or doing that! Yes the people of Ghana killed him when they failed to drive some sense into the hard coconut and stubborn heads of our politicians.
Did we kill him? I am afraid we did and we should bow our heads down in shame!

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