My e-buddy, Leila Afua Djansi, that fantastic film writer, director and producer put this on her Facebook page earlier this month: “Please my Ghanaian stars, dark glasses at night, inside a room is a very glaring sign of your insecurity! It’s rather ignorant too”.
I had a very good laugh when I first saw the post. Well, I had to laugh. See, the thing is, some people in Ghana think they are what they call ‘celebrity’ so everything they do is cool, even if it means wearing sunglasses to a music concert at 8pm. The issue of celebrity is one I plan writing on some time to come but I guess I can still sneak in my thoughts on that subject as I go along. Folks, it isn’t cool to wear sunglasses or ‘darks’, as I grew up knowing it to be called, when it is night or there is obviously no bright light for one to think of protecting the eyes from.
See, when Chinese judges began wearing smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court in the 1300s, it was for a reason. The reason being that they had to make sure they did not let people know what their judgments will be until they delivered them. Then later scientists began exploring how tinted or dark glasses could be used to correct eye impairment and how they could also protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays and other high energy lights. So you see, when a ‘star’ of any sort is granting a TV interview and is wearing sunglasses I tend to understand it a bit; perhaps the light from the crew is indeed too bright. Even when we find these 2×4 camera people at events and they turn their lights on us, you realize how uncomfortable it gets, so just imagine a proper crew with proper lights wanting some proper effects! But our ‘celebrities’ do not seem to wear sunglasses because of the sun or some high-energy lights! To them it is fashionable. How one can term an illiterate, mundane, bush and silly habit of wearing sunglasses in the deep of the night beats my imagination. A friend of mine will say ‘eye nkurasesem’ and I agree.
I think our ‘local celebrities’ do so because they find Angelina Jolie wearing sunglasses at one event or the other; or they see Wesley Snipes looking scary with sunglasses on the red carpet at some premiere. But what they do not seem to know is that most of the time David Beckham, Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryant Kobe and the like of them get paid handsomely to wear designer-labeled sunglasses out in public. They get paid people, and it is not some small change; they are paid sometimes millions of dollars just to wear them. So now who pays any of our people to wear the RAY BEANS they wear (original one is Ray Bans); or the MARK JACOBS (Marc Jacobs is the original one); or the DNKY (original is DKNY); or the EL HARDY (original is Ed Hardy); or the BULGARI (original is Bvlgari)?
Please, if you know someone who knows someone who says he is a celebrity and so he thinks it is cool to misbehave by wearing sunglasses at 10pm, please tell him I said it is bush and does not speak well of him. He needs to be re-orientated, re-cultured, re-groomed. Sadly, our people seem to be learning from their ‘celebrities’ too. It has no become cool to see people wearing 2 Cedi sunglasses inside churches, at clubs and just about any place regardless of the time of the day. Please, only nkurasefoo do that ooooo ton!

PO: November 21, 2011

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