Breast Cancer: How two beautiful and smart girls want to help!

Breast Cancer: How two beautiful and smart girls want to help!

What do you do with two ladies with a dash of outstanding planning and organisational skills, a great sense of style and the ability and urge to be the change they want to see? If you ask me, I’d say you whip up a phenomenon- and that’s what Nicola Sackey and Dzifa Amoa did when they decided to pool their abilities together and create some Magic!
Pixie Dust is an organisation that was birthed on the basis of granting wishes (pixie dust is the magic dust from a fairy or pixie that hypothetically allows humans to fly, by the way). There is no limit to the wishes they aim to grant, be it to an individual, a project or a cause.Through a variety of events, they will aim to make a difference by sprinkling a little pixie dust and bringing some magic to those who have little or none at all.With that being said however, Pixie Dust is not solely fixated on charity. Everyone needs some magic in their lives.

Dzifa Amoa

Dzifa Amoa, a customer service executive who used to model explains that “Pixie Dust’s journey starts off with giving support and raising the awareness of breast cancer during the month of October; which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This event is creative enough to get the public’s attention, coupled with a bit of foreign exposure and the experience of how those on the other side have done it over the years;managing to instill in their public, the culture of giving to their less-privileged through memorable events and methods”.
Why will these young women be involved with a project such as this? The first thought is usually that they may have gone through it or had some close relations go through it so they wanted to help others. True? Almost!

Knowing friends and family who have survived breast cancer and those that weren’t too fortunate, the two young women were drawn to start with the cause. Nicola Sackey, a marketing executive at Marcel Desaily’s  Lizzy Sports Complex adds that “once we begun working toward the campaign, it got more serious with more stories pouring in. We went to see the go-to person when you speak about breast cancer in Ghana – Prof. Clegg Lamptey and once he started speaking of how untold the story of breast cancer is in Ghana, and the lack of support and resources, we were sold”.

Each year, Pixie Dust aims to make life a little better for someone, some people or an organisation through fundraising, but this year, they are raising money for a number of equipment for the radiology unit of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Funding for their cause has not been restricted to only corporate organizations – as is the case with many fundraising events – but individuals and ordinary Ghanaians are also targeted for donations.

Dzifa says they are still out there looking for support to realize their dream. “Anyone with an Airtel SIM card can donate through Airtel Money with the nickname ‘pixiedust’, or walk into any GT Bank and donate to the Pixie Dust Account”, she said.

Pixie Dust have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Their website is also live with information on how to give, and raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

Nicola Sackey

There is something exciting coming from Pixie Dust at the end of this month – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There will be a Halloween Bra Party to wrap up the month, at which they will raise money through auctioning of items which are symbolic to the cause and campaign, as well as items donated by a number of fashion houses and organizations.

She adds that “not enough attention can be given to the issue of breast cancer in Ghana and honestly if women paid as much attention to their boobs as men did, the story would be different globally”. In Ghana however, even if it were the case where we, by some miracle, managed to reach out to all in terms of education, funding to support research and those who are affected by the disease – both actual patients, their families and those who don’t make it and their families- is virtually non-existent.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) forecasted in 2011 that about 3000 women in Ghana will develop breast cancer each year. It reported that 2000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Ghana, and a woman dies every 60mins from the disease worldwide. Ghana is said to be the 10th country in Africa with the most breast cancer cases.
There is little more to be said except, Get Involved, Support The Cause, Feel Your Boobs. Five minutes each month of breast self-examination could save your life.

This year’s Pixie Dust Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is sponsored by Airtel Money, Daily Guide, YFM and Firefly Lounge Bar.

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