My son is 5 days old. I have seen him smile at least three times. I dont know what his 5 day old mind tells him but he does smile beautifully. He sleeps a lot too, especially after guzzling down breast milk. I have already experienced a bit part of my share of sleepless nights. They say kids have their own schedules and its true. They care less about your sleep time and anything else their parents want to do. When it wants food, it cries. A lot.

Fatherhood is a stage I am excited to be experiencing. I hope i succeed. I will give it my best and be a great Dad. I have a wonderful Dad in David Kwasi Gyan and I hope to be a greater one for my son.

Whiles spending the last night with my kid and his mother at the hospital, I had our home burgled. I suspect area boys but none in particular.  My lights were out. ECG had taken their power and i had also not turned my outside lights on so I guess they had a great ambience to operate especially when they had not seen the presence of light and life in the house.They tried entering from the kitchen but could not. Then they tried two windows. They removed the louvre blades and with the aide of sticks, pulled my office laptop which was sitting on my bed.

I thank God they could not break in. Otherwise I wouldnt get boxer shorts to wear.

I detest to the point of hating people who will want to use a few minutes to gather for themselves what others have toiled years for. I reported to the police but honestly I did not report in anticipation that they will help apprehend the hoodlums. Our police sadly dont seem to have the capacity to handle such matters. Intelligence gathering aint our thing. I hope we get there soon. For the mean time, I am on the market for a huge dog which can devour a thief.

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