Ayariga Says What????


Is it not logical to conclude from Mahama  Ayariga’s comments that:

1. Government Communicators have been told not to practice honest communication,  thus his uneasiness with the Finance Minister being honest?

2. He is of the view that Government should not be open with the people it is governing?

3. He sincerely believes the economy is not well but doesn’t want to openly admit it?

4. That his main apprehension is what the opposition will do with the truth and not the Ghanaian’s right to know?

Elsewhere, he would have had to tender in his resignation or face the sack ASAP. But this is Ghana and not elsewhere.

Even if Seth Terkper hadn’t told us we have had about 3 renowned reports coming through in the past few days and none has spoken of the ‘economy is on track’ jargon Ayariga and his team want us to believe.

We need help to fix this economy. If things are bad it affects all of us. I only wish Ayariga could look beyond the next election.

Hey but it is all a wet dream. All our politicians think of is the next poll. Some even think you and I should bot speak about governance issues except if we are politicians. Can you imagine?

If the below story from myjoyonline.com Is inaccurate then I shall apologise for getting upset:

Seth Terkper’s openness about the economy gives us headache – Information Minister 

Minister of Information and Media Relations, Mahama Ayariga says the frankness of the Finance Minister on the state of the economy, gets him worried.

According to him, Mr. Seth Terpker is too open with matters relating to the state of the economy.Mahama Ayariga said Seth Terpker’s policy of honesty is giving government communicators a headache over how to defend government on an economy said to be cruising into crisis.

The economy dominated discussions earlier this week following issues raised in a public lecture delivered on the falling cedi by the 2012 running mate of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia last Tuesday, at the Central University College, Miotso, Accra.

Speaking on Newsfile on Multi TV and Joy FM, Saturday, the Information Minister said Dr. Bawumia fed on submissions made a couple of months ago on the state of the economy by Seth Terkper which the opposition is now using as a weapon against the government.This Mr. Ayariga said, gives him too much discomfort.

“There is nothing that Bawumia is saying that the Finance Minister has not said”, he ruled.“I have consistently had problems with the Finance Minister [Seth Terkper] on this issue. I must say it on this platform because, he has insisted on, ‘look if you want Ghanaians to help you solve problems, you would have to state it”.Ayariga disagrees with this style.

“People are now using those statements purely for propaganda purposes and they are not helping in managing the situation”, he observed.The finance Minister has had his share of criticism with calls within the governing National Democratic Congress for him to be sacked over his handling of the economy.

Mahama Ayariga wants Mr. Terkper to be more cautious with information.“You have to manage your statement because, if you don’t manage your statement very well, it may be the one that will trigger a certain behavior and that is the problem I have now”.

In view of Seth terkper’s level of frankness with economic data, Mahama Ayariga sees no need to read a 50-page document on the economy dubbed ‘Bawunomics’. He would prefer to read his recommendations, but he found out that most of those recommendations are already being implemented by government. President John Dramani Mahama last January, revealed that he is under pressure from some members of his government to dismiss Finance Minister, Seth Terkpker.

Source : Myjoyonline

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