If Selorm votes for NDC in Kpando, he’s voting on tribal lines but if Agyeman votes NPP at Kwadaso he’s voting on issues.

Dear friends,
The elections are over but have left in its wake some serious and quite sentimental issues. I would not have commented on it because I think I have out grown and gotten immune to it but I think it has become imperative for me to share my opinion on it.
After the results started trickling in till the declaration by the EC, Voltarians (ayigbefoo) and zongo communities (ntafoo) have received a lot flaking and have been described by very wild and all manner of unpalatable words because of their voting patterns.  So I want to ask….there’s everything right and not tribal for Bantama to vote 50k+ for the NPP but there’s everything wrong for Ketu South to vote same numbers for NDC and it is tribalistic in highest order. Why do we behave as if a particular group of people or tribe’s thinking is superior to the other? Admittedly there is tribalism in our politics and voting patterns and if that is a crime then I believe Ashantis and Ewes and other tribes are equally guilty. If we can have such condescending opinion of ourselves why the heck should we have beef if another race thinks of us as an inferior race?

In any case are there not Ashantis and for that matter Akans in the NDC? I personally know a truck load. And one thing I find very myopic is when people assume a political party affiliation for one based on his/her name. But seriously how can one win elections with victory in only two regions and even not a landslide win in the ER. Aren’t BA , Central and WR akan regions? The NPP should reckon that elections come every four years and politics is about numbers and every person regardless of tribe, ethnic, status and religion has one vote.
In all this tribal nonsense, what wrecks my heart the most is when I find educated junkies jump on band wagon. We should not fool ourselves so much that Ghanaians love themselves. There are undercurrents and if not managed well, one day it will explode in our faces. I pray that day never comes.

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