I have just seen the chapter 9 of Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Adams Apples. After watching the chapter one I said the hype did not match the work. I have not changed my mind.

Let’s take nothing from the series. Acting is almost great, set design is delicious, cinematography is top notch, the story line is well crafted albeit not for the ‘picture genre’ that I would have wanted it to be.

In spite of my initial reservations I have gone on to watch and purchase all the VCDs till date. My stance that Adams Apples should have been a series on TV is strengthened each time I see an episode. Let me reiterate here that I am not a professional in film making; †нє closest I have come to been one was the years I studied drama under Martin Owusu at Legon and the plenty movies I see. So bear with me here. We cool?

Now, I do understand that not every movie would necessarily have the right mixes of the numerous elements that make a picture. But watching each episode of Adams Apples is so much like watching any of the Mexican or Philippine soap operas on virtually every free-to-air TV station in Ghana.

Each episode of Adams’ Apples explores a problem or a set of relationships and concludes with a tease which supposedly leads to the next episode but does not necessarily conclude any story. I do appreciate the fact that the film maker in Shirley wanted to tell a family story in a way that she does it where there is a fair amount of suspense (albeit not long lasting), twists and some good dialogue.

But could Shirley have done better? Yes. Indeed †нє concept of what a movie is may be interpreted in many different ways by many industry players. However we all know the things we say about Kyeiwaa Parts 1 to 10 (or was it 12?) and the nonsense Ghanaian and Nigerian film makers spew to us when different parts in movies means a continuation of one long story; the only way the get to make a 2 hour per part movie is to allow longer, monotonous scenes which add nothing to the story.
We have scene an Agya Koo movie where he is seen walking for 5 minutes and then he walks across for another 5 just to make up for a part one and pave the way for a part 2.

Yes Shirley does not do all of that but carrying viewers on a ten-part sojourn just so we see the life story of the Adams seems like a tall order particularly when shirley’s audience have their own definition of a movie ebbed on their minds; and this does not exactly fit that definition (according to me, at least).

I will love to see chapter 10 so I see what Shirley does afterwards with Adams Apples’. There are a lot big sponsors nibbling at this apple so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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