A Week of ‘Huh’, ‘Ah’, ‘Whews’, et al


It’s been an eventful past few days. Whiles pondering what to put out via this column last week, and with pressure from the affable Martin Asiedu-Dartey to email my piece before his paper goes to bed, I could not help but reflect on a few events that have happened over the past few days. It has been a week where some have breathed ‘ah’ in anger; ‘whew’ in close shaves, and ‘huh’ to matters that surprised them.


Battle of Evidence

I like Atuguba’s continuous attempts at bringing humour to the courtroom in a case that has often being really tense for those of us watching it from our TV sets. Away from this though, was it not heartwarming to see the sort of reaction that counsels for petitioners and respondents exhibited after the Battle of Evidence had come to an end? Some of the obvious lessons I have taken from this hearing (which is not really new) is the friendly relationship that exist with opposing lawyers. A few weeks back when one lawyer was celebrating his birthday, both sets of lawyers were there to drink champagne and nibble on savories. They take their courtroom arguments fiercely but do not forget the fact that there is life after their gowns are off their backs and their wigs off their balding heads. Take a look at last Thursday’s daily Graphic and see the hearty chat Sir John and General Mosquito and other opposing members were engaged in! Can supporters of political parties learn something from this? There is life after politics. And there is life regardless of what the justices of the Supreme Court rule on.

This to me was a ‘whew’ feel. I can’t wait for all of this to come to a complete end.


Anita De Souza and Condoms and Taxes

I have read what Anita is alleged to have said. To start with I totally disagree with any sort of tax on contraception. Considering its role in the control of STI and HIV/AIDS, population growth, teenage pregnancy and its attendant complications, I think it is one set of items that should be considered a key social intervention which should actually be free. It will surprise you to know that even a 20p cost of condom may be considered as expensive by a section of our people. As for Anita…hmmmmm! Do we really have to play politics with everything in this country? Can we learn to hush sometimes, especially on issues we are not knowledgeable enough to speak on? I have a hard time understanding what ‘more taxes on condoms will prevent people from engaging in rampant and irresponsible sexual behavior’ really means. Seriously?

A Prosper Tsikata wrote that “It is very alarming the way our political parties have allowed individuals without any knowledge, familiarity, or training on subjects they seek to address, to be parading themselves in the national media as spokespersons for their parties, only to be disgorging their vile propaganda to the impairment of years of research and educational campaigns that cost both human and financial resources to undertake”. I agree.

This to me was a mix of ‘ah’ and ‘huh’.


Mills Resurfaces, Mandela hits 95

It’s amazing how time flies. It is almost a year since Professor Mills kicked the bucket. I have seen billboards of his anniversary springing up in the capital city. Honestly most of us have long forgotten the man but in times like these, it is worth celebrating a good man. He was not among my favourite Ghanaian Presidents of all time, but I respect him as a man and a person with a good heart. I am happy though that we have moved on after the sad events of July 24.

I wish Mandela well but if God calls him now, I will understand Him. Not many people hit 95; especially when they have spent 27 years in prison. Whenever it is that God calls him, the world will surely be seeing the biggest gathering of celebrities and world leaders to say goodbye to a true hero of the world. We all love Madiba.


Men of God, Visions, Political Colouring

There is a thinking in this country that renowned pastors belong to, or better put, have affiliations to certain political parties and thus make pronouncements that are allegedly tainted politically. This is one issue that needs a whole piece to delve into, however let me lay the foundation here. I am a Christian, I am however unaware that I have the powers to see into the future or do I get the sort of visions that others get. I do know that in matters of the spirit, it is difficult for ordinary men like you and I to tell if the one who says he had the vision or feeling in his spirit is being truthful or is faking it. I am not referring to those so-called men of God whose actions do not even show that the know Jesus Christ. I am referring to folks like Duncan-Williams, Otabil, Heward-Mills, Korankye-Ankrah. Why do some political party functionaries feel that when any one of these men speak, they (the party people) have the spiritual right to determine if they are genuine?

Thoughts on this to be continued…..

So it has been an eventful week and only God knows how it is going to end, and dovetail into the next week.

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