I love my country; I have no other.

As I lay in my bed past 11PM on †нє 16th day of April, a mere 3 days before my birthday, I feel my head ache real bad from what seems like an infection in my throat. As a habit I scan social media; Facebook and twitter mainly and BBM, I feel my head pound harder and a sad sounding throb from my heart.

The news I heard, though I hadn’t heard myself except from media reports was an immature comment from a man I would not want to respect by stating his name. His comments were totally balderdash and unnecessary. I have not bothered to follow the justification from his party folk but I can imagine there have been several. Just as we are so good at, we begin to play our favorite political game…The Blame Game.

‘They did it to us in this area and it is time we paid them back’.

‘They started it. We are only responding’.

‘We will show them where power lies’.

‘If they think it is only they who know how to fight we will show them that we can also fight’.

‘If they say all die be die, then all slap be slap’.

Politicians, most of the type we have in our parts, are often self-centered people who firstly care just about themselves and will do and use everyone to get what they want and will not give a hoot to anyone else after they have gotten what they want. You want proof? When have our MPs ever agreed on anything? Answer; when a matter concerns their pockets, i.ǝ. ex-gratia and car loans and salaries.

Pause for a second and think for a minute; do you know any politician who boards the trotro with you? Forget about the occasional PR gimmick when some of them jump into trotros.

Think again; when †нє politician has a serious ailment does he visit Korle-Bu or 37 like you do? Answer; no. He flies off to New York, Switzerland or worse case, South Africa.

Think, how many politicians do you know who live in compound houses and queue to use the toilet? Answer; none. They all live in nice self-contain bungalows with those in power not paying any bills and those out of power hanging on to the state’s property or buying it off at a ridiculously low price.

So why do we allow ourselves to be fooled by people who are simply not like us?

My head and heart aches because I am not able to effect the sort of change which will move our country forward and quickly too.

One group of people who can have also refused to do so and instead allowed the quest for skyrocketing revenue to move them ever so strongly away from effectively influencing the change we expect. The media.

It is an open secret. The war in Rwanda started on radio. True. Radio started it and fueled it. Radio is much like fire…so useful yet it can burn and even kill. Our media as I have said have become one unable to stay clear of the useless brouhaha which could tear us apart. A senior colleague once said to me that in radio and in media, controversy sells. It sells. Meaning it rakes in revenue. And the revenue blinds them from what is essentially the greater good.

A friend says on my Facebook wall that “We have discussed crazier things. This will blow over. Kai nothing go happen! Anyway, you know your people. They’ll milk it dry and wait for the next one. I’ll tell you what will happen tomorrow: NPP parliamentary caucus will hold a press conference blah blah blah. Then they’ll amass at the BNI HQ. Then Akuffo Addo will make a statement blah blah blah. The Newspapers will scream silly headlines like KEN …In Hot water over …. Some will shout ” i declare war!” Then the radio guys will speak to the police spokes person and then they’ll speak to some so-called legal luminaries who will tell us what treason means blah blah blah. The NDC will play victim. Tomorrow will be a better circus than the one at the park. Please don’t miss it”.

I wish I could miss it. I am so afraid that my friend is spot-on. That is exactly what will happen. The media will say they are bringing the news to their audiences when all they are really doing is fanning the inferno. They will fan it until it burns them black. But guess what, they may not see it because the inferno will engulf them slowly. But the time they realise they are so burned they become irrelevant to themselves and those they lied they were serving.

I wish Kwasi Twum will pick up a phone and call Sammens; and then call Kwame Despite and all the other owners of radio or at worse the key ones and say among themselves, ‘please can we speak to our editors and morning show producers NOT to give these politicians any more audience than they already have?’. Yes they are media owners but we do know the influence they yield on their stations.

If Bernard Avle and Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and Kwame Sefa Kaye and the chaps at Adom FM and Happy FM and Asempa FM and all the FMs agreed NOT to grant audience to all these politicians and such fiery situations, I believe it will go a long way in setting for this nation a proper and beneficial agenda.

If only our radio folks will take their eyes off the revenue for once and think of that country called Ghana and how they can contribute to its onward growth by focusing on the things that matter, we will make good progress. Let’s not grant these self-centered politicians that microphone especially. Their kids are not here with us. They have passports with visas tucked in. I don’t know about you but I don’t even have a passport.

I love Ghana.

Do you?

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