A Key Cutter at Okponglo (By Laud Boateng)

Doctor my Bum. My big big Bum!

A colleague dentist had misplaced his office keys and needed one urgently.

I told him that I recall 20 years ago when Dad used to drive us to Morning star through the heavy okponglo traffic. I recall always seeing a sign board at okponglo junction. i recall that vividly because we even once had an accident there as a family. A sign board of a key cutter.

So I am very sure. The new dual high way has obscured my view but I am pretty sure there is a key cutter there.

So off we drove. Since we were unable to park there I dropped at jxn and looked for this shop I have always classified as a thieves den.

I immediately saw A sign board which clearly led me into the shop of Kwesi keys. The size of a lotto kiosk.

I engaged Kwesi in a chat. The three keys will cost us 15 Gh and he wud do this in 10 mins.

I was impressed. I asked him why he had no apprentice. He remarked. The young boys of today don’t want to learn they want quick money. His job bores them. They soon loose interest.

He has been doing this for 19 yrs. he took me out and showed me another similar sized shop where he did car keys.

He had recently bought a generator. He said business was good.  It ws freaking good. I asked him if he made a 100 Gh a day. He laughed and chuckled. He made 100 Gh an hour somethings

He has the whole of Legon, east Legon market etc.

I asked him if he went to poly he said No. He learnt this in madina. First batch of students who brought key cutting to madina.

He decided to move to Legon after apprenticeship. He said he saves and buys high tech machines which speed his job. He showed me about three different types.

He said most key cutters don’t have them. They collect the keys and bring it to him to do.

He lives at pantang his own house. He doesn’t have friends where he works. When there is no job he sits in his little kiosk quietly. Does not meddle with fellow artisans around.

He told me complex jobs he has done and how he went about the hurdles.

He has done the job for so long his eye is like a caliper that can measure to the milimeter. He also can squint his eye and measure angles better than a protractor.

This guy on a bad month can make 5000 Gh no income taxi. Does not have a car. Own an iPhone. What’s app. Twitter Facebook. What are those to him.

He recalled several Legon clients who in trouble recall him and bring or refer clients to him

I was shocked. Impressed. Confused

This guy does not read 25 keys to prosperity. Or listen to great speakers of tedx.

He doesn’t go round like me with a big head receiving praises like Yali Hene. Odeneho otikokooso Owura Obama Boateng.

No.  He doesn’t care about that and would not even take my place if I gave it to him.

He earns more than the average middle class without taking bribes.

He operates from two lotto kiosk.

I felt ashamed.  His probably response to me asking him to apply to Yali would be.

Yali my bum. My big bad bum.

I could only whisper to my self the words of Duncan Williams ( prayer) made popular by Kwame sefa Kai.

Never  Again

Never again. 

I put so many things there.

Content with my development
Look down on artisans
Settle with respect to the my dreams
Doubt the benevolence of God

Etc etc

What would u put there?

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