Terms of a Road Contract in Sikaman

1. You should be prepared to give me my cut of the contract. You can call it any name you want; 10%, kickback, contract support, appreciation, gratitude…just get me my cut.

2. All other subcontract within this contract must go to people I suggest only.

3. Do the road, but take your time.

We have first class roads like this in Ghana

4. Let the road get really bad before you start work on it. This way the people will appreciate a ‘brand new road’ no matter how it is.

5. If the contract is signed in an election year and close to December, execute it with the speed of light and Usain Bolt.

6. If the contract is signed in a non-election year, execute it slowly whiles ensuring that you finish it close to an election year.

7. Ensure that the lifespan of the road does not go beyond two years. This way other contractors can eat small from filling potholes and later doing the same road again.

We have our fair share of potholes too

8. If you don’t understand the terms of this contract then take it that you never even heard of this bid and of course you never expressed an interest.

We have lots of this too

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