Renaming Nonsense

What is it with us and our penchant for changing names of national edifices?

Folks, there have been enough national structures named after Mills. We make it seem he was the best Ghana ever had. Yes he was the only one to have died in office but does it mean that in our attempt at mourning him we change names of places originally named after others to his?

Who does Oko Vanderpuije and the AMA want to impress by heartlessly and hastily renaming the national Hockey Pitch after Mills himself had commissioned it in honour og Theodosia Okoh, the woman who designed the Ghana National Flag, played hockey and was Chairman of the Hockey Association!

Madam Theodosia is still alive and knows that the hockey pitch is named in her honour. Nobody has had the courtesy and decency to speak to her about this cos they have no sensible reasons to.

What it takes for this nonsense to seize should be taken. If I need to mobilise signatures and send a petition to JM I will do. I will need your support if I get to that point.

Very soon there would be nothing to name after anybody if we head this route and allow our uncurbbed emotions to take th better part of our reasoning.

Is somebody planning to change the name of our country in memory of President Mills too? From the way we are going that won’t suprise me.

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