I am at that stage of my life where it feels like a borderline of sorts. Borderline to a number of things – both professional and personal, but especially personal. Through it all, I have come to appreciate friendship. I have come to appreciate trust. I have come to understand love in a way I feel I always knew, just this time it is a little different, a little warm, a little intimate.

I am out of town for a couple of weeks ( and here I mean couple as in two), with a brother and confidant and friend. Avi is Indian with Ghanaian blood. A smart, kind, warm human being. Over the two week period we visited Rwanda and Kenya where in both places we were met with friends and made some exciting new ones. John was our guy in Rwanda. I had met John back in 2012 or so when we both managed the football property at Airtel. In Kenya, I met Paul and Tony whom I have known since 2014, again in Rwanda on Airtel duties. The friendships were built via a common WhatsApp group I created in 2013 which still remains active.

Whiles hanging out with Tony – a genius creative mind who is into branding and advertising and entertainment, it dawned on me yet again, but this time stronger, just how life brings people together and how strong the power of friendship heals, mends and develops lives, careers, and life.

Beyond the conversations on how to assist ourselves develop ourselves and network for our professional lives, there was a deeper warmth in knowing that some people can stand up with you and for you and welcome you into their homes and lives and the intimate pieces of sadness they live with, and how they fight to turn them around.

Life’s all about living life and making the best out of yourself and the human beings you have around you; those you call friends and those you know you can count on. The imperfections in my life and the various seemingly delayed timelines that made me feel a bit less sometimes are smothered out and I feel alive.

Wambui, Tony, Shani, Cynta, Paul, John, Avi, Henry, Jake, Winnie, Diane, Pendu, Bosire, Pauline, Eli Kwasi, Cherum, DNA – Thank You.

Friday September 28, 2018
Riara Road
Nairobi, Kenya.

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