Fighting for Relevance: The Case of Screwface…do you guys know him?


Piers Anthony couldn’t have put it more succinctly, “When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour”

I read with utter disgust and rage the monstrous fib cooked and published by the one hit wonder, Screwface, seeking to cast a slur on the in the integrity of the Ghana Music Awards.
Screwface has alleged in a facebook ‘outburst’ posted on his wall @skrew faze at about 2pm on Thursday 28th January 2016; 9 years, since he had any relevance in the industry that he did not win his 2007 Ghana Music Awards Discovery of the Year nomination because he failed to pay a bribe supposedly demanded by a staff or member of the event organizing team, Charterhouse Pathetic!

So i decided to research a bit…thank God for the internet. In the year 2006, ScrewFace released a breakthrough song , “Bue Bue” that enjoyed some good on air rotation and earned him a nomination in the discovery of the year category of the 2007 Ghana Music Awards, competing alongside Ewura Esi, Ohemaa Mercy, Abigail Bedjabeng and of course, King Ayisoba who at the time had what was incontrovertibly the biggest and hottest track in Ghana then; “I want to see you my father”

King Ayisoba as expected by most people won the category and went ahead to win the traditional artiste of the year and the big one, the most popular song of the year.

So, was Screwface “robbed” because he refused to pay a bribe for the man who beat Kweku Gyasi who had the smash hit, Nyame Aseda, Obrafour with Heavy, Ofori Amponsah with Emmanuella, Samini with Samini Music, Lord Kenya with Born Again and Wutah with Esikyire?
Is Screwface saying King Ayisoba, panji anoff and his pidgin music paid bribe to Charterhouse for Ayisoba to win?,

Screwface was “robbed” for refusing to pay a bribe and yet granted this interview on Wednesday 18th July, 2007?

“The young musician who was nominated for the 2007 Ghana Music Award as a Discovery of the year but lost the award to King Ayisoba said he doesn’t feel bad losing that award BECAUSE HE THINKS THE WINNER ALSO DESERVES IT. According to him, to be nominated in a category brings you to the lime light and everybody notices your effort”

Who asked Screwface to pay any money? How come Screwface couldn’t mention a name? Oh, let me guess, he didn’t ask the person his or her name, right? And how come he never ever ever mentioned this anywhere till now?

And finally, why the connection to Shatta Wale? Could it be that his irrelevance in the industry for almost a decade is driving him bananas? Is it a desperate scream to SM’s fans to drag him into some small lime light?
Or is the plan to also defame Charterhouse so that maybe, just maybe if he’s lucky he might also get popular again by being anti Charterhouse.

Is this really how much damage desperation and abandonment can do? I mean, we all know it’s been very long. Almost a decade since “bue bue”.  Ghana has had 3 presidents and participated in two world cups since. Why?

Clearly Screwface needs help. Now what I’m not sure of is whether that help is emotional, financial…i pray charterhouse will just simply ignore this one…so he doesnt get the fame he wants through this ludicrous claim.

Writer: Anonymous

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