‘Enuf said!

So nobody, including those in charge of the NYEP during Kufuor’s time, remembered that we still have in existence the National Vocational Training Institutes throughout the country? What was the need in creating all sorts of ‘modules’ that could have easily been added to the NVTI? We don’t have the monies to finance these state institutions but we have millions to give to private individuals under the GYEEDA umbrella who do not even deliver the service yet get paid in advance? What is wrong with us? Are we the only people on earth who understand what greed is? Why has the quest for filthy wealth made us such nation wrecks?

I don’t get it! I really don’t get it!

My apology for starting this piece in what some may say is a blistering intro. This was how I felt earlier this week, and I still feel pretty upset over this. When my friend Manasseh Awuni and the team at Joy FM began the continuing expose on GYEEDA, we had party folks claiming no such report existed and that Muultimedia were up to no good. Apparently they were up to a lot of good. My charge to Manasseh and indeed journalists in general is that, please keep this story up there until all the wrongs are righted! Please do not let even the outcome of the Supreme Court case affect this story! It stinks!

Methinks President John Dramani Mahama has a wonderful opportunity to redefine his Presidency and to even go ahead and win over to his side some of his diehard doubters and even his political opponents depending on how he handles the GYEEDA situation. So far I am not sure what to think. Perhaps the PV Obeng committee is meant to assure the President of the facts already presented him by the Afriyie-Ankrah established committee’s report before he acts. I pray to God he acts!

Oftentimes we see the little flies being sacrificed and the big suckers walking free to take more away from the state later. This has become a situation like a class prefect in a dilemma over writing down his best friend’s name on the dreaded ‘List of Talkerthieves’ when the whole class can attest to his friend having been talking plenty in class. I am hoping the President becomes a fair class prefect.

Mr. President should do something. I am not talking about these greedy folks merely returning these monies if they still have them. I am talking about prosecution. If a young man goes to jail for 3 years for stealing 3 goats, how many years should the GYEEDA pilfers go in for? I may be having wet dreams about this. We are all aware of the weak Attorney General’s Department we have. That notwithstanding, the rot at GYEEDA should not go unpunished.

It should simply not go unpunished. My friends in the media have a tendency of not following up on stories. This story should not be pushed to the back burner until the wrongs are righted and the culprits punished according to law.

My friend Jojo Quansah says “A few decades from now, I’ll be seated at the head of a circle of my grandchildren. We’ll be arguing politics, and I’ll be sharing stories from “my days”. I’ll tell them about the governments of my youth. I won’t forget to mention the governments of these last 4+ years and their legendary “Entrepreneurial Corruption” stunts. I’ll carefully explain how through a series of fictitious companies, people with the connivance of public officials, siphoned Ghana’s money to the point of state bankruptcy! I’ll also not forget to mention, the rise of a breed of young incorruptible citizens, who wrestled morality back for the Republic!
In the name of God, let us not politicize this one. One of the many things that has the greatest potential of killing this country is the sickening prevalence of the politics of equalization and our open acceptance of it. That should seize. All persons found to have help steal from us should be dealt with, right from the days of NYEP to GYEEDA!

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