#DUMSORMUSTSTOP Vigil and the Kilowatt Talk

The vigil saw what was arguably the largest gathering of non partisan protesters

I have read and heard from a lot of people yelling “the vigil won’t add a kilowatt of power to the national grid so why bother”.Well, it would have been the most thrilling wonder in the history of mankind if merely walking could generate a watt of electricity, don’t you agree? It takes only an empty heard to expect that to happen.

Why does the Trade Union congress go in demo?

Why do students in tertiary institutions go on demo?

Why was the Kumepreko demo organized?

Why did Pratt and co lead the CJA to organize protests across Ghana?

Why did AFAG and co organize demos?

Why do market women threaten to go on naked protests?

Why did the NDC plan a “Thank You Mahama” demo in Kumasi?

Why was the “One Ghana” demo organized?

Why did Nkrumah and others bother with protests ahead of 1957?

My brother Rodney lists some protests and the effects they have had.


“Protests and vigils and demonstrations all across the world [Ghana included] helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa. In the USA, the 1955 bus boycott in Montgomerry, Alabama, following the Rosa Parks incident, helped push black civil rights issue to the fore, as did many marches and rallies led by men like Martin Luther King Jnr et al. The 1995 Million Man March in Washington DC was also significant. In Europe, it was protests and demonstrations that largely led to the vote for women and many other social reforms. In contemporary Britain, the street marches against the war in Iraq had a profound impact, as did that against fox-hunting. I haven’t come to the Arab Spring.

I could go on and on, but it is early in the morning”.

Now, much as no kilowatt of power will be added on Saturday May 16;


It will send a clear message to authorities that we continue to be unhappy. It will let those in charge understand that the majority of us do not think like Nii Odoi Mensah who wants to wait until we have a power crises similar to Nigeria before we should complain. It will make those in authority realize their folly in not thinking that urbanization, economic growth, population increase, etc lead to increased demand in power and that they should have, and they should now find ways of ensuring that we have increased power in this nation going forward. It will make them understand that we want the truth, and we prefer the truth than promises premised on untruth.

What I find most sickening is the very lame, immature, unpatriotic and totally despicable attempt by some people to politicize the #dumsormuststop vigil and to compulsorily align certain people to political parties. To these people I ask;

Is there dumsor in Ghana?

Has it not persisted long enough?

Are they happy with the government’s attempt to fix it?

Are they happy with the way the caboodle has been handled?

Do these celebs have a right to speak or not to speak?

Is it that only politicians have the right to speak in this country? Only them?

Are they aware of collapsed businesses?

Do they live in this country?

The President somehow thinks this vigil divides the creative industry. I am sorry sir, it does not. Just as political parties found it important to solicit the support of these folks to campaign for them, it is much the same way these folks can campaign for efforts they believe in. If you are in Party A or Party B and decides not to listen to anyone’s songs or watch anyone’s video, that’s your choice. There are hundreds of rappers and actors in this country so go ahead and boycott. In any case you have no power to watch or listen s who cares.

I love the President as a person. Those who know why, know why. But I am not happy with dumsor. I have had thieves attempt to enter my house through the roof during dum and so I am not happy. If lighting a candle or bobo and walking from Legon On the Run to Tetteh Quarshie will help put some pressure on government, then I am in.

I am not sorry that I love Ghana more.

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