DAMN! We are a bunch of clowns

My cousin, Kwame Atiako Acheampong, put forth this apt comment on one of my Facebook threads this evening where i am calling for the ban of polythene bags. I think we should all read his thoughts on #AccraFloods. Makes sense:

Don’t waste your time, cous. Do you think leadership has the BALLS to take such an action? I’m so pissed. See, every and any sane country/entity- after whatever disaster- goes through a period of soul-searching; where drastic/painful measures are taken to ensure that NEVER AGAIN will it happen or even if it does, losses will be minimal. Countless examples throughout the history of the world (9/11, hillsborough and heysel disasters, black September, Chernobyl disaster, Indian Ocean tsunami, WWII, etc).

If you ask me, I’d say this unfortunate death of 200+ should be a blessing in disguise- the perfect opportunity and time for the leadership to seriously look at the issues of building on water-ways, waste disposal, real drainage systems, etc. 200 may have perished, but WE MUST ensure that the 25 odd million remaining DO NOT suffers similar fate the next raining season.

Without hesitation break every building built on waterway (even if it is the Flagstaff House), ban/minimize use of plastics. Timely release of District Assemblies and Municipal Common Funds, for provision of more garbage containers and prompt collection of garbage.

JUST DO SOMETHING SERIOUS, for pete sakes!!!

I tell you what will happen in Ghana:

1. As expected the president has announced a 3-day national mourning (its like that’s all we do after any self-inflicted trauma)

2. To appear he’s serious about the issue, he’s gonna set up some kind of “committee” next week, “to look into the root causes of the disaster” (as if we don’t already know what caused it);

3. Committee sits for 3 months, interviews 100s of people and “experts” and presents some kind of report (which by the way, will contain all the recommendations proposed by previous committees set up decades ago when similar things happened) to Mr. President.

Meanwhile, in a couple of weeks, we’d have already forgotten about the disaster – or shifted our attention to some senseless NPP-NDC matters.

4. 2, 5, 10, 15 yrs down the line, a similar fate will befall us. And we’ll go full-circle (or should I say, FULL RETARD)

Damn!!!! We are a bunch of clowns. Really. We just NEVER learn.

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