Kwame, are you NPP or NDC?


Truth be told I have been tempted to publicly align with one of the two at different times. But since I decided NOT to stay in mainline politics whiles in Legon, I have decided to stick by that decision, at least for now. Some people don’t understand how I can be in the middle. Of course I vote for a party. Don’t we all? Afari-Gyan and the Chief Justice and the rest of them all vote. Why not me? Fact that I vote for one party does not mean that I support all the rubbish they spew or that when they misbehave I should not talk about it.

A friend on social media asked this question after reading the following post from me via Facebook and Twitter last Wednesday; “When a grown man decides to exhibit his idiocy publicly, whiles clad in the apparel of political party fanaticism, and ignoring the wise counsels of both the old and the teething, and a confused, disillusioned and ignorant lot decide to hold a worthless night vigil in the silly hope of averting a potential punishment he graciously deserves, then we are all served with a jolly good description of what gross political stupidity is”.

It was about the vigil the NPP held to support their General Secretary for all the loose talk troubles he faced. But really, should we not grow beyond using our party alienations to determine how we see things? I know i have been tagged. Ironically, I have been tagged by both sides at different times. That sort of excites me because it then means that neither truly believes i am for or against them. There is so much going on in this country that should call for holistic condemnation. One such is the loose talk from party fanatics ahead of the August 29 ruling of the Supreme Court.

Peace Calls

I honestly believe that all these peace calls being thrown all around us should primarily be targeted at two groups of people; media (TV and radio especially) and party leaders/communicators. First of all i don’t think that the majority of us are in the mood to go mess this nation up. No we are not. However our political leaders have a lot of influence n dragging people to do what they have no idea why they do them.
NDC party leaders in Nkwanta North are till defending the actions of those stupid young people who went destroying state and party property. That was an insane and criminal act but yet their leaders want the police to shirk their responsibility by releasing the alleged culprits. Even as they go on that shameless attempt, they have the nerve to threaten the President that it will be in the interest of peace if he withdrew his preferred candidate for DCE.

I sometimes get the sense that when irate mobs go on misbehaving; a sizeable number of them are clueless on why they are doing what they are doing. All they know is that some party champion somewhere has said they should go on and do this or that. To me all the advice should go to the NDC and NPP big shots who speak loosely and incite people. Check those ones!

Our radio and TV stations clearly thrive on controversy and a number of them don’t care how they get the controversy and its spillover on their viewership and listeners. Yes, yes, there is the media commission and GJA and all but we both know these two have little influence. If the Peace Council wants to be truly useful they should focus on the political party leaders and the radio and TV stations. The media is so powerful we don’t seem to realize it yet.

The media can make and unmake us. I hope we let it make us!

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